The world’s best teacher

yes, you heard right “The worlds best teacher”  the essay i have written  is for all the engineering faculty’s in the world especially in india. If you are a student please make sure that your faculty should read this, every faculty of engineering colleges in india. i’m writing this essay only for them. So i have few questions to ask from  faculty’s and also students. First question is ,you know most of the students who join these engineering colleges ,you just check their resume they have 80% marks in their matrix and around 85-90% in intermediate then in finally they have 60% what do you think that why it happens, you just ask yourself that is called introspection you please introspect yourself before you stop reading please don’t stop it in middle it is very important for you and for your country . Second question is if you have seen these students they have not  any fear of failing but in they do have these fears  before exams.if seen them in intermediate they enjoy the class they just go to the class only for enjoyment and they never knew about this “attendance criteria” . But after coming to they only come in class only for attendance and they never enjoy any of the class why do you think that it is happening. After doing all these and after studying for 4 four years under your efficient guidance most them are not getting jobs in product based companies or very good companies , they are getting small jobs . They are not getting job because of what teacher’s taught them in their they are getting those because of what they have learned in intermediate and matrix  that is helping them in getting the job and not these four years why do y ou think that it has happened and i will tell you one more thing what happen to most of the students after know you are already aware of these, i know but there is need to introspect. After four years of why most of the student go to external tutions for what they have learned in those 4 years and paying a huge amount of money why do you think that they should again do that and do you know what kind of stress they are going through in that time of coaching.Some of them taken jobs also and they are working really hard. One hand they have to manage the job and on the other hand they have to prepare for exams to go for higher studies and they are struggling a lot just imagine the pain that they are going through most of the students are getting depressed ,anxiety right most them are becoming suicidal and the other extreme you know what is happening the crime rate in india are actually students the same student who was really good in academics they suddenly completely lose interest in academics and they are becoming criminals why do you think that it is happening as a student i’am asking.Can you imagine the damage that is happening to the country or at least the damage that is happening to the carriers of these students and to the future of their families why do you think that it is the main reason .Okay now i will tell you my opinion you might think that i’am arrogant , the truth will be really bitter, the truth is that teachers are responsible, yes teachers are the one who is responsible for all this is’t it. they have taken the job because they didn’t get any job.Now they themselves don’t know how to get job in a big company or how to start your own company how do you think that they are eligible to guide the students for the better future the student who are initially joining the colleges with big dream big plans lot of confidence you know if you talk to a intermediate student you ask him what he wants to become you will hear lot of big dreams that “I want to join microsoft” , “I want to work in google”  the level of confidence and the size of dreams they have and now after finishing the 4 years of you just ask them weather they can get the job in google they can’t even qualify the written test that is what happened to them. Now they will be too scared to attend any exam to attend any interview and they will loose confidence even to apply for most of the jobs  seriously . So what teachers have did for the 4 years is they have taken the bright minds in india  99% are  bright . Only 1% students who are not matured  who are not taking there carrier seriously when they join the colleges but 99% believe me really join the college in hope to do something for human beings  but in the end of the four years they are loosing everything ,their confidence ,that is bad thing as a teacher they should increase our confidence and knowledge  but as teacher they create fear in us . they even threaten ud that you will not give the attendance if we don’t come to the classes if we try learning our own if we want to go to a better place and learn since they are not teaching they have threaten us that they will not give us the attendance we had to sit in the class where we don’t enjoy anything or learning anything you know what can they watch a movie which is very boring for three hours , flop movie they can’t do that right they just want to getup and walkout can they understand the frustration that a student feels when we are not enjoying or liking the subject that they are teaching  and they really still wants to teach.Just ask yourself the next person whom i want to ask is the chairman of the college who is taking the profit from the college , see there are many ways to make money, there are many business in the world i will tell them if they get into real estate by land that will grow in a huge profit . and by taking the money from the parents who are really poor they expect that you transform the life of the student in such a way that will take care of the parent  and what is that they are giving them back you make money most of the engineering colleges they put only 10% of the money as salary to the faculty. Now just think one thing when a efficient when a knowledgeable person if he is getting 2k dollar as a salary from a good company why would he come and teach for 1/2k dollar that you are giving in your college  then how can they complain that we are not getting good faculty what can we do. So generally when i  start writing this essay what to say and how to say it  but today i was not able to control my anger .I have written this essay with anger and pain i have seen in my friends they are getting depressed  . So who is responsible for all of these , teachers please teach or please leave,HOD’s please choose well , chairman please don’t make it a business that is my request . “The best teacher is which who don’t know the reason why he is teaching ,they just teach by their heart” .   thankyou.

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    Yes it’s correct

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