Its happening and its happening fast! Climate change, the biggest problem of human beings and the greatest environmental threats facing the planet. Are we to blame?

Earlier the earth atmosphere was covered with ice sheets which were able to make the earth atmosphere cool by preventing earth from heat and sending back extra heat out of the space from the earth.


A huge industrial revolution in the modern time has largely impacted the global climate system by increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. Climate has changed from cooler to warmer over the last two million years in the cyclical manner.

 Earlier the earth atmosphere was covered with ice sheets which were able to make the earth atmosphere cool by preventing earth from heat and sending back extra heat out of the space from the earth.

The release of exponential amounts of Carbon dioxide gas through human activity has layered the Earth with sort of a Greenhouse gas blanket that has trapped the energy in the atmosphere leading to the warming of the Earth.

The heat-trapping nature of carbon dioxide and other gases was demonstrated in the mid-19th century.  Their ability to affect the transfer of infrared energy through the atmosphere is the scientific basis of many instruments flown by NASA. There is no question that increased levels of greenhouse gases must cause the Earth to warm in response.

The level of climate change that has disturbed the balance of global ecosystems is enormous. This sudden warming has promoted the danger of Floods and Droughts that effect developed and developing countries alike. The rapid change in the Earth’s climate is not only effecting lives psychologically, but even physically and emotionally.

A huge level climate change in the current time attracts the people’s attention very easily. Every one of us is feeling very clearly from the short-term changes in the seasonal patterns of temperature, drought, rainfall without season, changing weather patterns, etc to the long-term changes affecting the entire earth. Climate is a long-term weather trend affecting human lives positively or negatively. Climate change is the long term variations in the weather patterns. Climate itself adjusts time to time however going at wrong path since many years because of regular loss of huge ice sheets. Earlier the earth atmosphere was covered with ice sheets which were able to make the earth atmosphere cool by preventing earth from heat and sending back extra heat out of the space from the earth.

The warming of the climate system is unequivocal and evident as the Earth’s average surface temperature has risen by 0.76° C since 1850. Most of the warming that has occurred over the last 50 years is very likely to have been caused by human activities.


A study conducted by scientists from the International Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) predicted that warming oceans and melting glaciers due to global warming and climate change could cause sea levels to rise 7-23 inches by the year 2100. So, some islands and some small countries will be flooded by the sea water and even disappeared very soon. 

Humans may not be able to support both sustainability and economy of the country but small steps can be taken towards making Earth a better place. The United Nations should prioritize combating the effects of the drastic climate change. This may mean the reduced attention on issues such as reducing poverty. Of course it may be a big issue but considering that natural disasters caused by climate change have hurt millions in the process and restricted countries with povertt to flourish and grow.

We all know very well that air is something we cannot live without. Nowadays there are so many factories exhaling destructive gases and substances that it almost gets impossible to breath fresh and clean air. China is an example of such polluted country where people get seriosly ill by the Ground level Ozone that damages lung tissue, and especially harmful to those with asthma and other chronic lung diseases.


Although what can we do? Is it possible to stop climate change from causing further damage. Every individual can take steps to reduce its effects to make Earth a better place.


Being energy efficient and using renewable energy resources reduces the use of fossil fuels which in turn reduces the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the Earth’s atmosphere. Supporting this cause and spreading awareness also helps and can bring about drastic changes that were before impossible.

If the sufferring is not stopped, it might even effect developed countries in unimaginable ways. I believe the harmony between nature and human beings is key to survival and will return. Action must be taken and these threatning problems should be solved to prevent the ever increasing threat of climate change. Although, are we to blame? 

I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience. I like to read, I like to write; I like to think, I like to dream; I like to talk, I like to listen. I like to see things for myself. I am energetic and engage in challenging tasks to make a difference in myself as well as the community. I personally believe that I am a strong communicator and could be a great leader if I channelled my abilities in the right path. I can easily adapt to changing environments to channel and train my abilities so that I can become a better person than I already am.

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    well written! x

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    You’re an inspiration friend.

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