Poverty is about not having enough money or resources to meet the needs(food, shelter and clothing) of you and your family. Poverty can also be defined as the scarcity or lack of certain amount of material possession or money. Yet still, others understand it as an aspect of unequal social status and inequitable social relationship, experienced as social exclusion, dependency and diminished capacity to participate, or to develop meaningful connections with other people in society.

There are many factors responsible for the increase of poverty in our countries, and our one world.

Firstly, laziness, which is the inability to do something more beneficiary while there are strength, motivations, and resources. People in Africa and other parts of the world, are very lazy, especially the youth. They are unable to make farms and work tirelessly to support the needs of they and their family. Others are lazy in the sense that, they prefer pleasure such as, drinking alcohol, sleeping, and smoking than, going to school to study.

“A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.”

Proverbs 10:4; King Solomon of Israel


Secondly, poverty is on an increase because, many people have no access to education. Education is defined as the process of faciliting learning, or acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, belief and habits. It is also known as the key to success. In some villages in Africa, there is no school for the people to learn and live better in the future. Others refuse to attend school because, the schools are very far from their villages.

Moreover, pestilence, which is defined as any disease that spreads very rapidly and take away many lives, is one of the factors responsible for an increase in poverty. During the Ebola crisis in West Africa, there was fast decrease in economy, companies that pay taxes to the government and provide jobs for the citizens, left because, they were afraid to contact the virus.

Another factor is war. War is a large scale armed conflict. War never develop a country but destroy it especially, the infrastructure of a country. During the Liberia Civil War, there was a decrease in the country’s economy which give rise to the hard increase of poverty. This happened because, huge amount of money was spent on destroying the country’s citizens and infrastructure by, buying many guns.

Bad governance can also increase poverty. It is the immoral behavior of a sited government. When a government is bad, the people will suffer because of their corrupt and selfish behavior.

Now we know what poverty really is, and what is the cause of poverty in our families, countries, and our one world. But by knowing how it affects our lives negatively,then,we will feel motivative to fight strongly and tirelessly against poverty.

Firstly, poverty affects the mind and cause a person to behave abnormal. The mind is defined as a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, and memory. It is the most important part of the human body.

“When the mind is disturbed, the whole body will be affected.” Emmanuel N. Nyanforh

The mind of someone who lives in poverty, can be disturbed because, of the stigma of poverty. In Africa, when you are living in poverty, you are like a pig living in a mud, nobody will respect you. This can even cause you to feel inferior to participate in public with the elite.

Because of the high level of stigma poverty causes, there will also be an increase in crime rate. The drug dealers, the thieves, and ritualistic killers, are who they are because, they are afraid to live in poverty, and receive lot of insults from others.

Moreover, poverty has caused our mothers, sisters, and daughters to involve in prostitution, which is very bad for a good society. Most of the females in the world are now prostitute because, they see it as a medium to earn a living.

Poverty has caused all of these negative things in our lives, which of course is causing people to live in fear and sadness.

Therefore, as a citizen of  Liberia, and a member of this world, I humbly suggest two methods we can use to defeat poverty.

Firstly, the elites need to believe and trust in Jesus Christ. By believing and trusting Jesus Christ, they will develop the motive to help others reach their possitve goals, instead of satisfying their immoral desires .

Secondly, to defeat poverty, everybody needs physical and moral education. Physical Education is the act of learning how to read, write, and comprehen physical things. While, Moral Education deals with the positive change of the mind, which is inspired by God.

By understanding the physical and knowing the benefits of morality, we will be able to overcome laziness, bad governance, pestilence, and war in this world.

With these two methods, we can now fight and defeat poverty, and increase happiness and joy in this world, for the decrease of poverty is the increase of joy.

I am a Liberian, age 15, and a student of College of West Africa. My motive of writing is to help others reach their positive goals.

54 Comments » for The Decrease Of Poverty Is the Increase Of Joy
  1. Emmanuel N. Nyanforh says:

    Read this essay with understanding and fight poverty with passion, for the decrease of poverty is the increase of joy.

  2. Ophori D.Toe says:

    I am a thirty nine years old Liberian, my passion is to show people the best way to go in life

  3. Samuel B Nyanforh says:

    We all will fight!!

  4. Andrew Donmo says:

    Great bro.

  5. Moifelay M. Sheriff says:

    Thank you very much for your motivational words, let’s work together to make Liberia progress….

  6. Moifelay M. Sheriff says:

    Thank you so much

  7. Emmanuel N. Nyanforh says:

    Fine essay

  8. Reinata sekeon says:

    good job!

  9. Jessica Collins says:

    Great Bro.

  10. Grade B. Nyanforh says:

    Thank Emmanuel.

  11. Skyline Entertainment says:

    Great, Keep it on!!!!!

  12. Judah Twakiliii says:

    Eman, you are right must poverty die.

  13. Ousmane says:

    Thanks bro. Your work is great!!!!!

  14. Daniel Sondo says:

    Great Essay.

  15. PS2 BOY says:

    Thanks you ever so much

  16. Andrew Donmo says:

    Thanks bro

  17. Amb. David Dean Sr. says:

    Ambassador of Light, keep sharing keep teaching as a seed was planted in you, so shall you plant a seed in another person that will reduce poverty.

    The Lord bless you in this endeavour.

    I Amb. David Dean Sr. – President &Founder of the International Youth Initiatives, I stand with you.

  18. Nehemiah says:

    Great Emmanuel!
    Your essay is inspiring.

  19. Pius says:

    Great essay

  20. Kube says:

    I am now using your methods to combat Poverty in my home.

  21. caroline says:


  22. Oluwatoyosi Janet Olatayo says:

    Wow! I really agree with you Emmanuel. We are moving to the World of No Poverty already.

  23. Bisoye Adeniji says:

    I know this will bring a sense of alacrity to those experiencing it and alienate the notion that African countries would die in poverty. Bless you!

  24. Bisoye Adeniji says:

    I know this write up will bring a sense of alacrity to those experiencing it and alienate the notion that African countries would die in poverty .
    bless you

  25. Oke John Oluwaseun says:

    Wow! What a nice write up.
    Keep it real bro!

  26. David Marley kollie jr says:

    Wow!Awesome job Bro. .

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