The Divided States of America

Inequality in the United States has been nothing but a repetition of itself from the time Christopher Colombus set sail and landed on this Inhabited land and caused the deaths of the people that lived here only for their ways of life to be stolen from them along with their actual life. The “First Americans” experienced inequality when the European Nobels treated them like prisoners, sending them across the seas only to control their every move with a gripped reign to whip at them if they even thought of a sudden move.

Inequality was here when African Men and Women were stolen from their countries to be pillaged and thrown over board to drown in the seas as the rest of them sat chained in tight inclose spaces amongst their bretheren and corpses with barely enough food for everyone to become something beneath an Animal to be sold and taught to be submissive. Inequality was in the United States when Schools with People of Color were given outdated Text Books,while in the same sentence be called stupid and uneducated no matter how well the dressed or even spoke. When told they would not be serviced here and there, and they had to walk through the back,sit in the back, or face the feeling of a German Shepherds teeth sinking into their flesh and a Police officer beating them until the died.

Inequlaity in the United States is when a woman is told that if she wasn’t wearing ” that”, worked as “this” or even, “well if you weren’t doing that “, when she finally opens up about the sexal assult she faced and hearing people defend the same person who caused her a traumatizing event.  Inequality is when a man is told to stop crying and “man up”and if not he’s deemed to be weak and gay, as if he does not have emotions. Inequality is when a muslim man or woman can’t pray to Allah in peace without being called a terroist and told to leave. Inequality is when a Native Americans cried are ignored as people run oil through their lands of a sacred standing while those same people treat them like they did Mexicans and Blacks back in 1964 and backwards along with onwards.

Inequality is when this place called, The UNITED States of America allows the American Nazis, The Ku Klux Klan, run free with no issues,they allow that past on many people of color and people of different religion’s , run free and be shown proudly under the guise of “American Pride” and allow them to use their “First right Amendment of Freedom of Speech “, this same government provides them protection and safety whole standing against ones who want a correct equality. This is Inequality. This is what America truely is,it is not United. It is the same place that allows their veterans to come back from war with no home.

It is the same place that’ll protect a wrong officer that unlawfully killed someone. It is the same place to call groups such as BLM a terrorist group and at the same time Protect Groups like KKK. It is the same government that’ll allow people to set spikes and ither traps to keep homeless people from having a place to sleep instead of providing them a better home.

The United States is nothing but a hypocrisy to its title and constitution. The means to Inequality is for someone to speak against it and stand up for it, silencing them will only make them louder and fight harder. Inequality is what is the countries main problem, the give out this false advertisement of “Equal Opportunity ” not realising some of us have to run an extra mile, a few more jumps and a stepper slope to climb to get even HALF of what the other has.

That….is Inequality in America.

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  1. Namari says:

    That’s more than sesblnie! That’s a great post!

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