Are you angry about the inequality between genders? No. Most likely, you aren’t. Because like millions of women and men all over the world, you don’t really notice gender inequality. I mean, sure, you’ve heard on the news that there’s a pay gap between genders. It’s been like that for as long as you can remember. But you don’t truly notice the effect of that pay gap. You get paid money for doing a job and that’s enough. Guess what? Gender Inequality is alive and thriving- and it’s feeding off you.

It is a beast, that feeds on low-income women entering the workforce, and high-income women competing for top jobs. It consumes a 30 year-old-woman, who pays more for clothing than her male counterpart. It devours on the 20-year-old, struggling to buy tampons as she enters her third year of university. It feeds on the 11-year-old girl, who pays 7% more for her first deodorant that an 11-year-old boy would. It even feeds on the 3-year-old toddler, when her parents purchase a pink helmet that costs significantly more than a blue one of similar quality. The worst thing about the Gender Inequality Beast is that it can be killed: but only by itself. Why is this the worst thing? Because the Gender Inequality Beast is everyone. By feeding the beast we are creating it, we are becoming part of it, and that needs to stop.

One of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals presented in 2015 by the United Nations is Gender Equality. This goal aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. This big thing about the rest of the Sustainable Development Goals, however, is that they cannot be achieved unless women are fully integrated into them. Poverty can’t be ended if only men are wealthy. Quality education for all cannot be achieved unless- you guessed it- all genders get the same educational opportunities. Clean water and sanitation is only good if all genders can access it equally. In order to make our world a better one, and achieve goals that so many people have agreed to, is by achieving gender equality.

So, who is the Gender Inequality Beast? It’s you; it’s me. It’s the 30-year-old woman buying clothes and the 3-year-olds parents buying that pink helmet. By giving into “pink tax”[1] and allowing women to be paid unfairly, we feed the beast. The way we can seek action on closing the gender pay gap and abolishing the pink tax is by getting the word out into the world. We need more action from influential corporations and governments: where one leads, I believe others will follow.  

Corporations should not be able to pay a woman less than a man for doing the same job- and they should be accountable for this. Companies should be making promises to not treat any gender unfairly- ultimately, this isn’t going to hurt their business, but only increase it with happier workers and customers. Corporations should take responsibility for killing the Gender Inequality Beast, by paying their staff fairly regardless of gender and by only funding products that will be sold for the same price to women and men. Corporations, big and small, are influential and should lead by example.

We could make laws to prevent gender inequality in the workforce and shops, but we don’t. Why? Because our law makers don’t care enough about gender inequality. A massive issue on our journey to gender equality is that we’re not choosing the right leaders to lead the human race. We have leaders who don’t even believe that gender inequality is real, despite the evidence right in front of their noses. Don’t elect nation leaders who have very little respect for what women want. Elect human beings who care about every person, and who have the human race’s best interests at heart.

The saddest thing about gender inequality is that women have to win their rights. Women have fought for rights for hundreds of years, and yet in this modern day, we are still unable to tick Gender Equality off the Sustainable Development Goals. Every human being is equal- in my mind, there is no doubt about that. To kill the beast, we shouldn’t let the issue it divide us anymore. Humans of every gender need to be as one to solve this problem. The path to killing the Gender Inequality Beast is not through violence and fighting. It’s through unity.

[1] Where items aimed at women are more expensive than the same item that is aimed men.


I'm heading for medical school- I'm passionate about youth wellbeing and want to make a big difference in my community. I'm currently following my passion through my voluntary work and part time job.

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  1. Gbeve Gabriel Mawuko says:

    I want to do accounting in the university outside Ghana but haven’t got any scholarship yet .I am very passionate about my dream .

  2. Samyom says:

    Awesome ???????? i really appreciate it

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