Do we ever think about who is deserving of the education we have achieved and the schooling opportunities we have? Parents? Undoubtedly. They work and earn money so that they can attend school, educate themselves and, consequently, succeed in their fields. However, is it really only parents? Who makes it possible for them to educate themselves? Let’s try a simple exercise. Close your eyes for a moment and try to think of one thing around you that was not made for us by others. The sweater or shirt, pants or skirt you are wearing were made by someone else. You don’t know these peoples names, regardless of how important they are to us. Could we live without clothes? When we wash our hands, we simply turn on the faucet. Even the plumbing was handled by someone as well as the houses we live in, the roads we use to get to school, the airports that see us off on our holidays… No matter how hard we try, it is all but impossible to think of just one thing that wasn’t made for us by someone else. And if, in an instant, everything that others have created for us was taken away, we would be hard pressed to survive a single day (if we could even last that long). Above all, we could not educate ourselves. So, if you ask me why such people matter, the answer is that we cannot exist without them. It seems that all of humanity supports our existence and, with our work, allow for education. Without such people, we would not be here and without people, there would be no education. Therefore, the world has given us much and, now, our job is to give something back. The fruits of education are not just for us, but for those who have made our education possible. That is humanity!   

10 Comments » for The greatest gift of all – HUMANITY
  1. Rachit Agarwal says:

    Wow beautiful essay!
    It’s the truth of humanity!

  2. Samuel Ola says:

    Very True!!! In life nothing is waste, what we can call waste is useful for another person ( I believe everything in life goes round in circle). Well done keep it up….
    This interesting!!!

  3. NAROTTAM says:

    It’s easy to understand,
    That’s humanity!

  4. Kamran khan says:

    Its amazingg.uuh r genius

  5. Kirtee Ramo says:

    This is a mind blowing essay

  6. Nazu says:

    This heard great! 🙂

  7. beautiful. you are very right

  8. Gabriele are says:

    Wow I’m Impressed????

  9. Princewill says:

    Exactly. You hit the nail on the head

  10. Deepak says:

    Loved it

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