Throughout my life I was led to believe that women are weak and not as smart as men, while men are pressured to be strong and hardworking individuals. And what happens if we don’t reach the expectations? We are labelled bad descriptions that affect our reputation, and the people around us. It can also lower our self-esteem and make us feel not normal inside or like outsiders.

Men are supposed to like sports and other “male things”, but when a male loves something like fashion or make up, they are criticized and this leads to depression and it can also lead to something way worse. For instance, in  February 2014, an 11 years-old-boy was sent to the hospital after a failed attempt to commit suicide because he was bullied for liking ‘My Little Pony’. Some children believe that cute stuff are only for girls, but really it can be for everyone. A child shouldn’t even be thinking about death because childhood is an innocent stage of a human’s life where there are no regrets only happiness.

Women are pictured as delicate, very well groomed, and not so bright, but when females are smart or love sports, they are ridiculed and feel the same way as the guys who are criticized for liking something not from their gender stereotype. For example, I knew a girl who is a book fanatic and she adored her hobby but when she was bullied for that, she stayed away from books at all costs. It made me sad and very furious that we live in a world where we can choose who we want to be, but the only thing that is stopping us from being ourselves is society. Just imagine being told as a little girl that you can’t wear those type of clothes or you can’t play with those type of  toys because “they are for boys”. It can be very unsettling and can have a bad affect to our word choice and our life decisions.

If we get rid of all stereotypes, we can bring peace to our world and live happy without worrying about being laughed at, getting called names, or being pressured to be someone we don’t want to be. “We can choose to be affected by the world or we can choose to affect the world”. This quote can be used for girls who want to be athlete superstars and for boys who want to be fashion designers or models. We all want to change this world for the better, so why not be the person to change it and make it more pleasant to live in? We can all stop being slaves to our own society only by not listening to other’s hate, and stop fearing the consequences and take them head on. Everyone is tired of all the loss of life from horrible events that take place all because of someone’s way of expressing that it isn’t right to like something.

Picture yourself in a world where there is no such thing as gender stereotypes or anything that will stop us from becoming the people who will make this planet a beautiful place to spend your life in. We can all be what we always dream to be or wished to be and live a life where people from the past or from other countries can’t live. I think we all have the same goal in common: We want to make the world a better place.   



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