we all already know that education is one of the most important things in our life,education can support our community to get better and better just like now education can make our life easier with their invention like cellphone,laptop,robots,and other gadget for that we need a proper education so we can create or discover a new things that make our life easier,but sadly many people in the world do not get proper education for their self
as a result of that they do not get a proper job for their living,do not get proper house,do not get proper facilities.
most of people who do not get education is children,billion of  children do not get education because they are poor and not able to pay school fees,so they work and skip the school and not get education


As we know it the main problem that prevent children to go to school is money,many of the children who do not get education come from poor family,they mother and father do not afford to pay their children schooling thats force their children to go work which do not use for school fees but they use it to buy their family daily needs,because of that children do not get the proper education,in our mind maybe we think why the education must pay? why not for free?,because the the money from student are use for the school it self,to increase the school facility need money,to build additional room need money,and the teacher also need salary,with low salary the teacher will leave the school and find a better school that afford a bigger salary without a teacher a student cant learn,and where is the goverment?,most of children who do not get proper education came from a poor country,the goverment on their country could not help them to go to school because they have to handle the economic of their country which will help their country to develop,who know? maybe they have a smart children who do not get education because they have to work to survive,as the result of that they lost their childhood for work,children who do not get proper education often be a criminal they willing to do everything to get money because they dont have a job,they using drugs,killing people,robbing people,illegal street racing,they tend to plunge into the criminal world to survive and stay alive as result criminal rate will increase and it will make the society feel unsafe,its all start with a simple thing ”DO NOT GET PROPER EDUCATION!”


The second problem is school,without a school children wont get a proper education which in this case is poor country,poor country do not be able to build a fancy and complete facility school,with the economic of they country their will build a simple school for children to get an education,its a problem which result children cant develop their talent to support their education,teacher also very important in a education world,they teach how to develop their talent,learning something new and make children smarter,but with a incompetent teacher and unable to teach children it’s just useless because they cant teach children how to develop their talent and discover new thing,creating something new, we all not perfect even in school there are some people who looking for profit in school such as teacher and headmaster,this is the real problem,school wont develop if there are person like this,they use the fund who give to school for development,book,facillities,and use it for their own needs,their willing to sacrifice children future for they greed of money,



we as a “high-economy” people should help them to get to school,donate to charity,send our used clothes that we do not need anymore,send school supplies to poor country so they children can go to school for an education,and we can help them in many ways,we can volunteer to teach them as it will help them to learn,we can give them starting money so if they work their will use it for school fees not for a family daily needs,donating book,donating a medicine so they dont get a virus,with all of that they can go to school and get proper education and we must get rid of person who corruption the school fund so with that school will develop and give better education to children.


thats my idea,if you guys have another idea please share!!





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  1. zwingly says:

    good job!!!!!!!

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