Have you ever thought about what your children will inherit after your death? Some people don’t even bother as they not only don’t have a penny but also as they can’t give anyone anything. What nobody thought about was to have a poverty legacy to bear on their backs. Poverty doesn’t mean having no money, it means having no medicine, no food, no clothes and especially no hope. And that is what happened to Africa which inherited poverty and illness.

      The poorest continent is Africa or could be called the hoping continent. Poverty is of high rates there though their attempts for development. There are lots of evidence that Africa is poor. For example, third world countries in terms of poverty or as called by the UN “Least Developed Countries” are concentrated in Africa as 68% of the LDCs are African. There are 50 LDCs around the world. In order to be an LDC the country must have a low-income estimate of the gross national income (GNI) per capita, weak human assets and a high degree of economic vulnerability. Moreover, the richest country in Africa which is Equatorial Guinea has a gross domestic product (GDP) of  $38,700 per capita while the richest country in the world which is Qatar has a gross domestic product (GDP) of  $127,523 per capita. Another evidence of the poverty of Africa is that if you give a child a dollar especially in mid African countries, the child won’t recognize it.

       However, I think Africa should not be called the poorest continent but the hoping continent. Africa is trying very hard not to be poor as there are organizations that despite being poor, still have hope. One billion Africa is an African organization that does lots of projects to achieve the SDGs especially the first 5 goals. Its latest project was to ensure the healthy feeding of African children. Not only organizations have hope but also governments do. The African Union has introduced many projects to improve the financial state of Africa and to develop the economy.

        Poverty in general can’t be rid of unless you figure out the roots that caused it. Lots of people tried to figure them out and made a chart called cycle of poverty and according to them reasons of poverty are low productivity, low salary, diseases, disasters, inability to access resources, lack of education and unemployment. These are the main reasons of poverty in most poor countries especially the poorest country in the world which is Malawi. Malawi has a gross domestic product (GDP) of  $255 per capita, most of the population has HIV and has an agricultural economy which makes Malawi a country that lives below the international poverty line. Bear in mind that the international poverty line is to live on $1.25 a day and 75% of the population in Malawi are living below this line. What is more, 90% of the population are living on $2 a day.

         I chose goal 1 to write about because I thought it was the main reason of many SDGs, and I realized it was related to 10 other goals. As there are 8 SDGs to get rid of the reasons of poverty and 2 SDGs to get rid of the resultants of poverty. In my view, hunger, disease, no education, unaffordable clean water, unemployment, recession, unfair communities, bribed employees, irresponsible consumption with unequal production, no justice achieving courts and weak institutions are the main reasons of poverty. They are also the reasons of the existence of 8 goals which are goals 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 11, 12 and 16 and of course goal 1. As a result of poverty, inequality between genders and income inequalities between countries and people occurred. These resultants caused the existence of goals 5 and 10 .

        To sum up, poverty is not a choice, it is mandatory to lots of people especially in Africa. Lots are starving, dying or dehydrated because they had the poverty legacy. But there is a thin line between poverty and destitution, poor people are still dreaming, poor countries are still hoping and below poverty line countries are still called developing countries. As long as we have imagination, hope, passion and ambition, we will never be destitute.

      In conclusion, if you read this essay and you can help, donate for a better sustainable future but if you are can’t don’t lose faith in those who can, in better future, in Africa achieving its ambition of being the rich continent and absolutely in your own dreams and goals. If anyone was able to change their destiny, you my dear reader shall be able to change yours. Keep dreaming, keep aiming higher and don’t forget that when you achieve your aim, you are giving hope to lots who are forced not to talk or even dream.

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  1. Ahmed Mohamed says:

    It is a very good artical good bless you!

  2. Ahmed Sabry says:

    Wonderful essay, really like it.
    We always should have positive pushing to better future and never stop it. Please always keep positive.

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