Education has long been in the forefront of attention, it is one of the hottest topic of debate and matter of concern for many people, especially politicians and countries’ leaders. There are many aspects surrounding education but for me and I think for the world as a whole, equity in  the proccess of teaching and learning is the most important.

     Every individual born into this world, disabled or not, is granted the right to pursuit knowledge in equal ways that noone an take away from them; however the concept of inclusive education is not yet familiar to people in many countries. To my knowledge, disabled students are usually group together and taught using sepecial techniques and classroom services. This may seem like a good idea because studying in a group of students who are in the same condition as you can reduce one’s self-consciousness; moreover, teaching the same type of students will put less pressure on the teachers to prepare lessons and take care of their students. However, researchs hae proved that when students with disabilities study in the same classroom as normal ones, positive academic and social outcomes occur for all students involved. The practice of teaching impaired students in a different environment has been so popular that it is now the norm for people to think that they have to be taught separately. But special doesn’t mean separated, disabled students can and should be taught in an inclusive classroom where they are well-equipped to study side by side students without disabilities.

     It appears on the surface to be a challenging task to spread this education method across the globe and make it popular for students of all ages, even so, if family and society work in concerted effort for the better life of our younger generations, it’s just the matter of time before inclusive education become a prominent form of teaching in every country’s education system. There will some obstacles that parents, educators and the students themselves have to face once they participate in this type of educational placement. The first one is the requirement for educators to have suitable teaching strategies that ensure effective learning from both students with and without disabilities because some impaired students tend to have more difficulties in gaining full understanding of what’s being taught than their peers. Therefore developing an optimum teaching strategy for an inclusive instructional environment is a must, and this is when education corporations come in need because they are the ones with the best team of experts to do research and be able to produce the best possible outcome. The second concern lies in the special services relating the disabilities of sudents; even though there are various gadgets designed to aid students with certain impairments on the market, they are still sold at very high price which hinder the less fortunate families from equipping their children with a decent support. It would be, therefore, technology companies’ tremendous contribution to the success of this goal if they can find cheaper materials or alternative ways to function those gadgets so that they are more affordable and accessible to people with relatively lower economic background. The third challenge is directly involved with the impaired students themselves, when they are studying in an environment where the number of unimpaired students is slightly bigger, they might feel a sense of inferiority to their peers, thus results in less proficient performance at school and in their social life. This can be easily altered by many ways, students with disabilities can take part in extracurriculum activities and camps held by organisations where they are allowed to express themselves, socialise with their friends and more importantly, be able to do what others can do or we can develop an app that connects all the disabled students together as an online community and let them share their achievements in life, this would let the students to not only take pride in themselves but also inspire others and together, they grow stronger and more confident. I actually got this idea from Goodwall, an app just like the one I’ve described but the only difference is it’s mostly for students without any impairment so I think if there is a way for the more fortunate to shine, there should be a way for the disables too, because after all, everybody has the right to inspire and be inspired.

     As far as learning opportunities are concerned, there are so many children living in poverty and illiteracy in the world, especially in developing coutries of Asia and Africa and this is an urgent matter that each countries’ government should take a very close look at in the long run. But in the mean time, we can encourage voluntary activities for people who live outside those low-literacy-rate regions to come and teach the locals how to at least read and write because literacy is human right and personally empowering, especially in a rapidly developing society like today. There are many reasons that contribute to the lack of education in those regions but the main one is poverty and the fact that people from such regions are so poor they barely have enough money to feed themselves, much less going to school has raised a need for corporations to fund charitable organisations to provide them with essential school supplies for better educating condition. The success of this goal also lies in another crucial element that, I think, shouldn’t be underestimated and that is the act of propagating. We need to hold campaigns nationally or universally to raise people’s awareness about the importance of education and the need to make to make it happen in every part of the world. This will not only increase the enthusiasm of people living in low-literacy-rate regions to gain their basic human right but also call on more corporations and donors to financially support this goal.

     To create an inclusive and equitable quality education and give everybody the equal opportunities to study is definitely not the easiest goal to attain but I believe that when we all work together in a corporative effort, anything can be turned into reality. We must know that the future of our children is in our hand and it is our responsibility to make it better for them; therefore each and everyone of us should do our best to contribute to the proccess of achieving these goals.

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