They are shouting! Do you hear them? They are crying! Do you see them! They are dying! Do you make an effort to help? You said you will kill poverty, but every day people was killed because of starvation, while you’re simply sitting, eating with a lot of foods on your table. You said you will provide them shelter, but every day there are peasants sleeping on the streets, while you’re sleeping in your soft and comfortable bed with air-condition and good atmosphere. You said you will give education to the poor, but as I was walking on my way in our school, I saw many children with no slippers begging for food and water to ease their hungryness and thirst while you have your highest degree on your education and taking graduate studies. You said you will give more jobs and opportunities to the poor but why many people with knowledge and skills want to work but still unemployed because there is no job to be offer. Many people are still suffering abroad because they know that when they work here, it will not be enough to sustain their family needs, while you have your power and position in the government but your hands are still short and closed to help all your people who barely needed you right now.  You said you will give financial assistance to the health of your ill people, but many of them died in the hospital with debt on their grave. While when you’re sick there is special treatment in you because you have your money to enter in any private hospital you wanted. You said you will stop criminality but you didn’t realize that poverty is the main reason of all this crimes. Robbery and theft!? Rape and abuse!? Pushing and using drugs!? The poor & uneducated person are easily caught and deceive in doing these crimes. Don’t you know that many innocent was sentenced on jail for the crimes they do not make, but they can’t defend themselves because they do not have money to protect their selves, because they are poor? They are the voiceless victim in the prison, do you care or are you care for yourself? Do you want to look bigger than what I see, do you ever see them in their hidden spot! Those rich and powerful criminals! The manipulator of the innocence of poor, the true parasite of this nation! The person who uses their money to become more powerful. Do you see them? Or are you of them? Your people are crying, don’t you want to wipe out their tears.  Your people are begging, don’t you want to help them overcome their struggles.  Poor also need justice and equality, don’t you want to be fair and not bias to their cry. Oh! Leaders of this nation, wake up from your deep sleep! Your people are screaming but your ears are covered with lies and your eyes are blind folded with your selfishness. I am pleading! Please open your ears, so that you will see what I see, and please uncover your ears so you may also hear what I hear. I can’t STOP POVERTY.. But YOU…LEADERS OF THIS NATION..YOU CAN STOP IT IF YOU WILL OPEN YOUR HEART. I’m dreaming that one day, their will be no more nightmare to those people who sees tomorrow as another burden in their life, nor people with sleepless day and night who’s afraid of dying when they take a nap even just a seconds.  To all corrupt people of this government, I’m not here to quarrel but to be the voice of my nation. We entrusted our hope in your hand so please…help us, to stop this destitution before it will be too late. Please wake up, not tomorrow but today!







I am a student of Good Samaritan Colleges in the Philippines. I'm happy person, I love reading novels and other books necessary for my course (education) . I'm writing fiction short stories, poems and essays. I love sharing my thoughts in the community. I'm academic scholar of our school. I hope I will be chosen. ???? #DianaDumlao

  1. Diana Dumlao says:

    Please support my essay writing “THE SCREAM OF YOUR PEOPLE”. If I’m not chosen that okay I’m very thankful to share my thoughts and very thankful to Goodwall and Csrmatters for accepting my participation. 🙂

    • Nicole Puyat says:

      Wow! ???? Perfect Essay ate Diana. God will always guide you! Dont loose hope. He always there for you no matter what. We’re so proud of you. ????????????????

    • Hannah D says:

      Hey! I really liked this. It gave a real incentive to make a change, but tell me how. What can the people with the power and money do to change the poverty? How will that help. It’s a really beautiful start. I think it would be a better way for you to start a book, maybe not an essay. It’s really gorgeous and moving, don’t get me wrong when I say you should create an idea and develop how that changes the poverty. You can tell people to change poverty as much as you want, but they might not know how. Tell me how. It’s great that you applied for this and I really hope you are able to develop more strong and moving statements such as this!

    • Jun says:

      You speak the voice of the people.

    • Jade C says:

      Wow Diana you do have a way with writing!!! I read the whole essay and it’s really good! This should be printed and handed to every single politician in this world.

    • Zunair says:

      I appreciate your thoughts and efforts. And i wish that you win this compitetion.

    • Allen Beniamin says:

      True words….
      Nice Essay …..Meaningful Concept for the world
      God Bless and All the best…

    • Sachin says:

      incredible outstanding

    • NADA EDDAHMANI says:

      Keep it up Diana and you will always be the best ♥

  2. Jonathan Dei says:

    Nice… I love it.

  3. Lovelyn Bautista says:

    Good essay. I hope government, do their job well. tsk… I really hate corruption.

  4. Princess Lhance says:

    Continue to fight for what is right diana. ^___^ You can do something… I really appreciate your essay. I’m a writer too.

  5. Christian De Vera says:

    wow! nice one. Goodluck. 🙂

  6. Gerald Hermoso says:

    The thoughts are nice there just a little bit grammatical error but it is good. 🙂

  7. Ajith p says:

    good essay I loved. hoping that people will take good importance in this matter.

  8. Diana Dumlao says:

    Thank you guys. 🙂

  9. Jonson Jhie says:

    Keep it up. You have a good heart for your country.

  10. Lopaz Sunny says:

    Great essay. I hope you win. Good luck Diana. 🙂

  11. Faukner Z says:

    Good essay.. I hope the government focus on this matter.

  12. Desirei says:

    Wow. Excellent essay. 🙂

  13. Diana Dumlao says:

    thank you very much 🙂

  14. Gen-gen Gonzales says:

    Nice. I love reading it continously. very good. keep it up. <3

  15. Clifford Reyes says:

    wow! impressive essay I’ve ever read.

  16. Joyce Mancilla says:

    Nose bleed. Good luck. Nice essay. 🙂

  17. Christine Muyot says:

    Wow. Beautiful. 🙂

  18. Jon Mansilla says:

    Nice essay

  19. Diana Dumlao says:

    Thank you 🙂

  20. Kate Ann Cabudbud says:

    It’s good to know that you are aware of what was happening in our society. Continue to inspire others. Keep it up!

  21. Shoib says:

    I appreciate your efforts through this essaymorning nice work

  22. Daniel elias says:

    I love it….its very nice

  23. Diana Dumlao says:

    Thank you Daniel, Shoib… you too are great friend. Support me on goodwall 🙂

  24. Rauf says:

    Nice essay.
    People always use to read these type of articles, essays​ in theory only.And do not go for practically​ by helping a small, little help to them

  25. Phoenix okonko says:

    Omg!!!! I love it…like,it’s pretty cool

  26. Diana Dumlao says:

    Thank you goodwall friends 🙂

  27. Joshua Okoro says: nailed it

  28. RéEhaN Ali says:

    Nice essay u wrote Diana Dumalo

  29. Diana Dumlao says:

    Thank you goodwall friends

  30. Gurleen kaur says:

    Nice essay. Keep it up…Goodluck

  31. Diana Dumlao says:

    Thank you… 🙂

  32. Adarsh P Madhav says:

    Nice one

  33. James Aryettey says:

    Nice piece put together, keep it up.

  34. Diana Dumlao says:

    Thank you.

  35. David Isaac says:

    Really nice work

  36. Karen Stevens says:

    Wow, It was so interesting!!!

  37. Amalia Elnile says:

    I loved the essay

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    Amazing…;) keep up ????????

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    Woah….grt job!!????

  41. Vivina Sardo says:

    Wow, such an amazing essay! I hope you’ll win

  42. Hoang Anh Vo says:

    Yeah… I like it… I can see more…and I suddenly know that I wasted too much time…to care the world…thanks

  43. Ayoub Zine El abidine says:

    Impressive !????????

  44. Agren Jonathan says:

    It is a perfect essay
    You wrote the reality
    Keep it up

  45. Julia Murray says:


  46. Asmaa Chummun says:

    Good work, I pray that the curse of poverty is soon mitigated. Best of luck with your essay, hope you win this competition ^^

  47. Puang hafsari akbar says:

    Wow. It’s nice ????

  48. Kudrat trehan says:

    Great effort
    It’s very realistic ????
    Keep it up

  49. Mohamed Amine Ben Ahmed says:

    Amazing essay and very emotional. I hope you win ????????

  50. Naos says:

    Wow, while reading it i felt like there was someone in this world that shares my feelings and thoughts. ????????????????

  51. Reijie Andres says:

    Nice way to awaken everybody ???? keep it up unnie

  52. Mariem says:

    Keep it up !
    I like it

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  54. Shlesha says:

    I’m stunned. It’s a beautifully capturing piece!

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    Woow ????????keep it up

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    Wow! I appreciate you efforts. Best of Luck!

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    Wowwwww???????? Amazing. What can I say . That’s beautiful essay . Excellent job????????❤️????

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    Nice one

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    This was really great! I loved reading it!????

  61. Lauren says:

    While I found a few grammatical errors along the piece, I thought your message was beautifully written. Keep up the good work!

  62. Noel Duong says:

    Its a great essay but notice the grammat in the first paragraph. It’s “lots of food” not “lot of foods”. Good luck!

  63. Sachin says:


  64. Phạm Tuấn says:

    The essay is GREAT. I really like it. Hope you will succeed and be chosen!!!! ^^ ????????????

  65. Seif says:

    Great essay! Weell done

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    Wow! Amazing essay, true 100%!

  68. Nevena997 says:

    A beautiful essay, well done ????

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    I loved your essay! It speaks the truth

  70. Una says:

    This is very good. I think you have a voice to reach others.

  71. Monalisa says:

    Wow great essay
    Loved it????☺

  72. Nyasha Munyaka says:

    Beautiful Diana. Such emotions, you are really in this writing you are not just saying what you once heard you are speaking from the heart of the helpless. Goof job girl.

  73. Nyasha Munyaka says:

    Beautiful Diana. Such emotions, you are really in this writing you are not just saying what you once heard you are speaking from the heart of the helpless. Good job girl.

  74. Jerard says:

    Amazing work! ???? I hope you never stop making masterpieces like this ☺️

  75. Kerstyn says:

    Wow!! It’s awesome!!!

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    Great essay! I was moved☺

  77. Nicolette says:

    Well said! Everyone needs to take action, and you did with this essay!

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    Such a nice Essay u wrote Diana, Loved it so much wat a fantastic Essay????????????

  79. Lau Hui Hann says:

    Outstanding essay, keep it up!????

  80. DE Braimah says:

    Is a great work, you could improve it by researching and adding some facts. Sincerely, its more poetic than an essay. Its focusing on two groups of people in society and should draw the emotions from both side, to give a wider picture.

  81. Camile Min Perfas says:

    Hi Ms. Diana. While I’m reading your essay I found it so interesting! You enlighten us. Bravo. Even though, I found an errors with your punctuations still, interesting. Good job. 🙂

  82. Reine-Laure says:

    This essay is very emotional and impactful! You did really well!!!

  83. Mahnoor Ali says:

    This essay is really good and to the point. I hope you win the competition.
    best of luck :’)

  84. Diana Dumlao says:

    Thank you all. Positive and not so positive comment will help me to improve my writings. Thank you very much. To God be all the glory! ^_^

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