Health exists as a component of all of the humanity. This component requires adjustment and perhaps a new one entirely to, therefore, solve health complications such as cancer perpetually. In ending this breakage of the component, we will be granted an availability to prosper and improve the other areas. The overall result will be astonishing.

We approbation corporations as they can provide inner connections in the form of money and people. These can include Walmart and Microsoft.

These corporations have the aptness of influencing people beyond the health field as you see what they have to offer continually. This will, therefore, result in possible neurological changes. An example could be if Microsoft put a message on the tv saying please donate for health purposes if compared to a smaller corporation the effect would be much different. Though this shouldn’t be the case, it is perhaps primarily down to the net worth.

If these corporations are to bestow some money, this would dramatically improve the situation to which we are currently in. As money is the huge energy source for development for this area. Due to the net worth, the likeliness of providing is practically there. Though of course, we cannot demand the money as this would be interrupting morals.

The reasoning to why I selected health is because of an attentiveness of neuroscience due to a period of time for when I had anxiety. I found the help provided was profound but to me, there are areas which could be ameliorated further such as ADHD. I have felt the symptoms of the ruptured component so I can easily relate. But it was this that brought be to the thinking of how we can end this as it is interrupting the nature of our lives.

There is of course so much that corporations can do but obviously it is more than a smaller business and this is why we choose them. This is not to disregard smaller businesses as every bit of help does help but this is overall for humanity.

How corporations can help further is by countenances the world know of this issue through the many forms of publications. The gargantuan for now is the internet. Microsoft, for example, could provide sensible and suitable methods of telling people to not ignore like any other advertisements but instead through nicer methods. This does sound like a complex job and it is and I may be asking for too much.

But I believe there is something rather extraordinary to which can be provided. As not merely with this job but the field to which this essay is about. This is going to be difficult and we will fail multiple times but as humans, we will come on top. I shall continue further if this doesn’t occur.

Other methods for the corporations include the other form of which I mentioned before, the people. This to some could arguably be more important. The numbers if these corporations would be extensive to the point that a variety of events could occur with the business and then connect together via private means through friends and family, helping to quite frankly save humanity. That to me would be a sublime achievement but if I was one to help I wouldn’t do it for the name.

Through possible work that corporations have provided to tell the world of this issue. We should be closer than ever to fix this component invariably. I say this as I truly believe this will be the case. And this is why I say should. I would rather not say it but of course, for now, this is the position we are in and the position we may always be in if we don’t act.

I also understand that currently a lot of people work within the health field so to invariably solve this issue would put them all out of business. I have thought about this and find it a very difficult truth of reality. For what will happen to these individuals is unknown. If we get to this stage in the future I hope we can make great use of these individuals through whatever means this will be.

I hope that this essay provides an insight to whether to the position we are in now.

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