World peace. A concept we all blabber and shout about, taking only the minimum of actions to actually achieve it or make it thrive. Consequently, our state of tranquility has deteriorated alarmingly quickly. We are living in a constant struggle trying to reach that goal, that dream of becoming one united nation radiated with peace and love. But why can’t we live up to that expectation?

Peace, as we all know, is the quality that describes the state of serenity and calm, and in my opinion, this ideology is only accomplished through two vital concepts: justice and equality. Confusion usually arises between the two, but justice is not exactly the same term as equality. Justice involves a variety of definitions, but it is usually known as the principal of fairness and moral equity (being non-biased or impartial). Equality, on the other hand, is the availability of similar resources and opportunities to individuals of the community, preventing any sort of hatred due to envy or greed. However, even though there are many efforts towards supporting justice and equality, we have yet a long road ahead of us to reach the perfect scenario for both.

Over the years, injustice and inequality have been the cause of stratification and segregation – the separation and unequal distribution of wealth, privileges and opportunities based on factors like religion, race, class, gender, and sexuality. This has resulted in many major issues today, including hunger, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, sexism, and, ultimately, wars. Now how do all these affect peace?

Technically speaking, our overall agriculture and livestock allows us to produce sufficient amounts of food that are more than enough to feed the entire population. The issue arises in the fact that this food is not distributed equally around the globe, resulting in malnutrition. Some countries have access to more nutrients and minerals than others, that being affected by factors such as overpopulation, severe climate changes, the lack of fertile land, wars and unemployment. Moreover, an increase in unemployment causes people without jobs to end up with less money, thus preventing them from finding suitable opportunities for themselves and families. This leads to poverty. Both poverty and hunger lead a person to utilize inappropriate ways in order to reach the level of class a healthy, rich person has, suitably leading to conflict.

In addition, at some point in life, education was available for upper class white men but not for either women, people of color, or rarely, people of other ethnicities. This left a large portion of the worldwide population being illiterate and uneducated, and again, unemployed due to their lack of a degree or any level of education. In order for them to earn the knowledge and the money, they would sometimes turn into illegal actions to obtain it, and then would be labelled for that action for the rest of their lives. How is that fair? How is that peaceful to even think about?

Sexism is the unjust issuing of rights between men and women, and that usually is of benefit for the man, since throughout history, women were always oppressed by the power of men in almost every aspect. At first, women were not allowed to study, leaving them uneducated. This lack of education resulted in the prevention of a working position for women. So, if a woman never got married to a working man, she would live the rest of her life in poverty and hunger. In contrast, girls were forced into marriage long ago almost at the age of twelve. They would conceive a child at the age of thirteen and be obligated to raise that child, when they were also children. Unfortunately and sadly, this concept is still present, although rarely, in countries of The Third World! Also, in our modern world, almost 30% more women earn a bachelor’s degree than men, yet you find a higher percentage of unemployed women. Let’s say a woman does get a job at an office. She works hard, she serves the customers, and she helps bring profits to the company. She works just as hard as any man. Yet again, her salary is less, especially in the developing world, with a 37% of an earning gap between men and women. This shows that women are considerably less worthy to business people and proves that segregation between both genders will always be present.

Furthermore, this differentiation or favoritism was the cause for the gravest effect yet, war. Invasion and terrorism occur as a consequence of compelling various groups of people into certain ideologies and beliefs that they may not accept. That sort of dictatorship results in riots and eventually, a revolution and rebellion. Once the horrendous war starts, with the rivers of blood and hills of dead bodies, it is very difficult to stop. Even if it does, the damage it leaves behind is terrifying.

So what is our solution to all of this? How can we prevent all those sickening events from coming to life and build our nations of peace?


That is our way to world peace.

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  1. Khaldoun says:

    Well said many aspects addressed. Thank you for the thorough article ..

  2. Jana murad says:


  3. halema jalanbu says:

    I agree with you ‘ we all support you????

  4. Sanad says:

    This essay was very impressive and opportunely worded,It gave me an incipient output on placidity, equipollence and equity

  5. Sanaa says:

    Thank Mira.

    This is a really crutial topic to discuss .

    But i think the way to reach nations peace is that the most fortunet giving the needy ones.
    Being blessed with more resources gives them not only the pleasure but also the responsibility.

  6. Thanks for such an inspiring essay that has meaning and a message to the world which is struggling and in search for peace. I really liked your ideas in dealing with such a serious matter facing our world nowadays. Yet do you think that the world will reach the peace it’s being deprived from?

    • Mira Borini says:

      I do not think it would reach peace perfectly, to be honest… Because none of us can vow to be perfect, each and every one of us has their own flaws and their own sets of good and bad deeds. However, we should keep trying to unite instead of feeling the constant need to be superior, we need to try our best to understand the opposite side of the argument and respect each other. Those are the baby steps we take towards peace.

  7. Bdoor Abdallat says:

    I find your take on the subject very interesting; you’ve ventured some rather interesting opinions supported by facts. This informative article seems very well written. You’ve simplified such a big topic into its roots and discussed their causes and effects clearly.

  8. Raghad AlKaraki says:

    This is perfect????

  9. Toulin Borini says:

    Great ! Im proud ????

  10. Alaa says:

    Speechless ???????? Amazing

  11. Tala says:


  12. Tala says:


  13. Hamza says:

    Wow! I am so impressed. Keep up the great work.

  14. Salwa arafeh says:

    Such a heart touching essay, i love it????????

  15. Tala says:

    ????????well said

  16. Dima hajeid says:

    Well said mira , so proud of you

  17. Ferail says:

    ماشاءالله مقالة رائعة جدا وبأمتياز

  18. Aliyah says:

    Phenomenal !

  19. Linda says:

    So true, acceptance is a key. Great article

  20. katia says:

    what an inspiring article, it was one of the best articles I’ve ever read , and I am speechless
    keep up the good work

  21. Aseel says:

    Amazing,great job!

  22. Aseel says:

    Great job!

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