Education is a precious kind of wealth that everyone should have. Money feeds us while education feeds our soul.

I, sometimes, feel the calmness of all positive energies around me. But the most calm positive energy I get is from education. The way the book teaches us the things we were unaware of. Teaches us how to get fit in a particular society. Teaches us how you can turn what you are learning into a masterpiece.

“A book is a very great way to understand things and to know them.”

Sometimes, the type of book you are reading tells much about the kind of person you are. Are you a nature lover? Are you lonesome person? Or creative? Optimistic or pessimist? friendly or boring? An educative person can find anything about yourself.

Education is must in everything. To understand a person, education is must. To teach a person, education is must. To, even learn from a person, education is must. This world is living and breathing in two things: Time and Education. A person should not waste his/her time and nor should he/she hides educations and avoid teaching it to others. What is the purpose of getting education if you are not teaching it?

Teaching education and getting education are two things that are alike but in some senses, they are different. Teaching education and getting education is alike because you are learning and revising and seeing things in new perspectives and sharing dialogues with each other based on the topic and getting more knowledge about a thing. They are different, also, because for teaching, there is a plus point that what you have learn before helps you to earn and for getting education, you first have to give to get. But not everywhere, there are some organizations that gives free education to those who can’t afford the fees.

Earning is linked to education like soul is linked to its body. There is no soul if there is no body and there is no earning where there is no education.

‘Education makes thinks possible from impossible.’

One can achieve anything with the help of knowledge. You can achieve your dreams and goals. You can make your wishes come true. But for those people, whom getting education is hard for them but they still strive for it, fight for it until they don’t get education. Those are the real people who deserved to get education. These people can make world a better place.

Many people have goals to give education to those who can’t afford it. I feel that corporations should respect these goals and help them achieve it by supporting it. Corporations can help those people to get education so that these people can make themselves worthy of living in this world.

Society can be improved with the help of education or knowledge. A society is itself a group of people that runs a country. If the society is good then the country runs good. But in case, if the society is bad then the country runs bad. Society is powerful that even it can also change the mind of an educated person and makes him/her believe that a women can’t get education. But in reality, they are wrong. And everyone believes it to be the truth. It becomes a problem for all those women’s who can do some great work.

Education tells that woman and man are equal. So both deserved to get education. If you are willing to get education, you will get education. But if you take it as an impossible task, then it will always be an impossible task for you until you don’t consider it as possible. Education always teaches us the right thing.

Some people also don’t teaches their children because of expenses. Instead, they teaches them to work. Child labor is one of the major problem that is caused because of lack of education. And plus it can become right by education. But we can help them with their problems. We can donate money! We can even help them by teaching them. An educated person knows what it is like to be without education. Because the person might have no idea but he has knowledge which make him/her think that ‘how fragile it is to live without education.’ Education also nurtures the human side of a person.Β 

In the end, education is a power that can’t be defeated by anyone. Education make things look bright and help makes sense to us about things. Don’t listen to society if it is against you. Especially, if it is against the education. From my own experiences, I know how important it is to get education. In order to be an independent person, you need education. To travel, you need education. Education is way much better than begging.

I am a writer, photographer, thinker and a student. I have so many passions and dreams to achieve. My main goal is to inspire people to do something meaningful with their lives. To find their passion. Travelling and learning are my two best friends. Soon be an entrepreneur and also a motivational speaker ?

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  1. Maria Syed says:


  2. Uswa says:

    Great work…

  3. SMA says:

    I like your essay. Keep up the good work!

  4. warda says:

    I like your article that way you tell things and the bonus point is when you add quotes and highlighted them which makes them look prominent. There are few mistakes but that was okay because for a 15 years old girl, she wrote it beautifully. Many people even in their late 20’s, they can’t even write essays but you did that. So always be proud of yourself and practice a little bit. You are a born writer so always struggle and awake people with your voice. I see you accomplishing things in life. THUMBS UP!

    • Sahibah Syed says:

      Thank you Warda so much for kind words and also for pointing out my mistakes and advising me so beautifully. People like you keeps me going on. I appreciate it! Stay blessed!

  5. Nahid says:

    Like it!

  6. Jexin Varghese says:

    HAPPY.Its a lovely essay, encouraging people to attain education so as to nurture their human side. But can i ask,aren’t the educated people the master minds behind sophisticated crimes. I vote on perception such that even if education raises topic which can nurture the destructive thoughts in intelligent people to commit unnoticed crimes, their perceptions should be corrected at sight so that eventually they turn into gentleman and lady.With the right perception, education can then do wonders to the world.
    With the right perception,you laid down the positive side to education and may i add you are in right ladder of understanding.

    • Sahibah Syed says:

      First of all, thank you Jexin. And secondly, it’s true that educated people are behind the crimes because they have high IQ level. They think fast and they know stuff that a normal person don’t know about. And I agree with you on this that their perceptions should be corrected at first so they become a better person in future. I appreciate your comment and your point of view which I think is right.

      Have a nice day!

  7. Nibby says:

    This arctile is a home run, pure and simple!

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