CSR matters
People with mental segregation,
Racism, sexism, and discrimination
Drugs, rape, and violation,
Oh, what a generation!

When quarter of the world is fighting for peace,
the rest don’t want the war to cease.
When quarter of the world is fighting for gender equality,
the rest believe that this is extreme frivolity.
When quarter of the world is fighting for quality education,
the rest don’t care about the future generation.
When quarter of the world suffers from starvation,
the rest let them suffer the prostration.
When quarter of the world suffers from poverty,
the rest don’t care less about wasting money.
When quarter of the world is afraid of drinking water or eating fish,
the rest continue to pollute, letting them languish.
Unfortunately, the world we live in can be interpreted as an unbalanced scale where the heavier side is the one that doesn’t want the war to cease, or the side that wastes money, or the one that let the others suffer the consequences of their mistakes…; it is the side that doesn’t want peace. The above poem (written by me) answers this question: “Why aren’t we achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?”. This is the sad truth that we, as people, try to ignore. My dream, as well as many others, is to see this world in a different perspective. The perspective that doesn’t have an alternative; the one that we will all have. It is the one that views the world as a peaceful planet, with all the SDGs achieved.
The SDGs are all linked together to form a web that can’t be achieved if we, as humans, as citizens of the planet “Earth”, as leaders for the next generation, don’t put our hands together. It might sound impossible, but I personally believe that it is possible. When reaching the moon, or travelling using luxurious machines sounded impossible hundreds of years ago, humans made those dreams possible. This operation will take time, but we have already wasted so much, so starting now seems too late, but we still got a chance to make this huge leap towards a perfect planet. Movements like the “Corporate Social Responsibility” that is followed by companies and businesses are having an impact when it comes to achieving the SDGs. Tiny changes in our daily routine will affect our day, and so does every small movement made to help achieve those goals. When companies, businesses, etc….. follow the CSR, they literally save thousands of lives every single day. More companies should be like Microsoft, Google, Walt Disney, and many more when it comes to following the CSR. The CSR aims to positively change the world, and so do those companies that don’t only strive for success, but also think about the future generations. I believe that every business should follow the CSR!
One of the most important SDGs that we need to attain in this period of time is the “Partnerships for the goals”. We are living a time where countries and nations need to put their hands together. Developed countries should put more effort in aiding the poorer countries to get out of this crisis and look forward to a brighter future. Countries like Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, etc.… should make more partnerships with other countries and help them. In my opinion, this is the fastest and only way to achieve the sustainable development goals (maybe not all of them, but the ones that truly matter in the meanwhile). While counties like Spain are wasting food (tomato festival/food fight), other countries are dying from starvation. Food should never be wasted, but instead, consumed wisely. Why are there counties that waste food? Why can’t they trade crops/give poorer countries if they have so much? This, to me, sounds insane. For whatever reason, this shouldn’t be accepted nor ignored. Where is the fairness in such cases? Why do governments allow such a thing to be done? The lack of food in poor counties, especially in Africa, cause a lot of people to suffer from deficiency diseases. Why is this happening? Why can’t we stop wasting time and take action towards making this world better? Spain is a developed country. Why can’t they simply give excess food to the poor, undeveloped countries? This is not impossible. How can we stand such a crime that is happening before our eyes and not speak up? This is a crime that we need to put an end to. Spain can make partnerships with other countries and help others. If one of the most developed countries waste food, who will help the poor ones?
We can never accomplish the SDGs without putting our problems aside and collaborating with each other. Let us start changing simple things in our lives that will make a change! Let us think and become innovative to reach those goals! Let us stop wasting time!

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I am a high school student who has a dream; to be part of changing the world.

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  1. Iman Abi Nassif says:

    It is a really great essay …. good luck.

    • Tala Al-Rubaye says:

      Thanks mom. Love youuuuu

      • Mahvish says:

        Tala this is a really amazing writing????
        Keep up with the good work and lets make this world a better place????

      • Saadia F.Hasson says:

        Hi Tala,your essay is wonderful ,it is a world concerns nowadays,you mentioned the SDGs & CSR , they are big issues for a student like you which means you recognized the problems early &you have vision for future .I would like to send you my congratulation for your courage to write in such issue and I am ready to help you since I am SR Expert & working to promote SDGs……congradulation

      • Emi says:

        Hallo Tala, I’m a humanist and I do a lot for people. This is a very difficult task,but everything comes from the heart with love.For many years I walk this way. Not easy with people, you often do the good, and there will be people they’ll hurt you.I need often to cry.But I will not give up,because we need a better world! Ideals need to change in the heart end in the head.Don’t give up. This way is a good way! Good Luck! Take Care 🙂

    • Mr. Khalid Matti says:

      An excellent and marvelous essay my dear student Tala , you are great in all ideas you clarified them in your essay , I just want to give you a big support to keep on your such great ideas and to give us more what you have in your pocket , well done Tala ????

  2. Tala Al-Rubaye says:

    information taken from Forbes, UNDP, Investopedia

  3. Nagham says:

    Very good
    Wish you all the best ????????

  4. Mirna kanaan says:

    Mirna kanaan

  5. Aliaa Sameer says:

    Great job

  6. mashal says:

    What a good piece of writing. Enjoyed reading it very much!

  7. Walid abi nassif says:

    Proud of you taltoul

  8. Zeena says:

    God bless you
    Together we can make a difference, I promise you this year I won’t store any efforts we can do something to make the planet a little more beautiful place to live

  9. Behnam says:

    Simply brilliant. Well done.

  10. Behnam says:

    Simply brilliant

  11. Zhino says:


  12. Larsa says:

    tala ur an incredible girl and u can hopefully achieve ur dreams because ur such an intelligent and smart student… well done keep going . By the way the article was MESMERIZING and perfect

  13. Sitav says:

    That was outstanding!

  14. behnam says:

    Simply brilliant.

  15. yousif says:

    I am also a high school student who has a dream to change the world,help poor countries and reach our goals.

  16. Dr. Fayruz Ali says:

    Greetings Tala
    Well done in your essay which made me feel hopeful for our young generation and how to handle all these modern issues wisely.

  17. Hiba says:

    Very nice

  18. Ghinwa Al-jurdy says:


  19. Ajaj says:

    El ser humano es muy cruel y egoista

  20. Ghinwa Al-jurdy says:

    I highly vote for tala Al-rubaye, good luck

  21. Ajaj ahmadieh jurdi says:

    حتي نغير العالم لازم نغير من نفسينا أمور كتير اولا

  22. Ghinwa Al-jurdy says:

    I highly vote for tala Al-rubaye,good luck

  23. Hossam Al Ahmadieh says:

    This is so true, it’s everyone’s responsibility.

  24. Fadi Al Ahmadieh says:

    Hope that your dream become true.

    Best Regards,

  25. Zainab says:

    Great job ????Wish you reach you your dreams ????

  26. Nidal Al Jazzar says:

    I liked the article, Good Luck Tala

  27. Hind says:

    Your paper is solid , well-organized, and veryThe thesis comes out clearly

    The thesis needs to be more clearly stated

    Superior argument: extraordinary synthesis of analytic ideas and command

    Very good argument, showing good comprehension and engagement with the ideas.
    Best regards

  28. Hala Sbaity says:

    Beautifully written Tala. Wish you all the best and I truly hope that your generation would be able to make a difference.

  29. Mohammed Alwan says:

    Good job Tala . I hope your dreams become true .

  30. Dr. Rabee M. Hagem says:

    Great. Well done Tala. I agree about what you have mentioned. I hope you all the best in the future.

  31. shelan says:

    Wish you all the best because you really deserve it.

  32. Dr. Falah. H. Shakarchi says:

    It’s really good essay….. wish you all the best…. and I am ready for any help

  33. Mr. Shoe on says:

    I like your rhyming scheme and content, it’s very lyrical.

    However, I think the more depressing question to ask is: what would happen if global war/poverty/disease did cease?

    Without preventative checks on population, life on the planet would be unsustainable. For us to have what we have, others must not.

    Until we move onto a post-scarcity model, there must be an imbalance to maintain life as we know it.

    But those thoughts are for those of us jaded old people. You young people should find the answers and solutions to the problems that we couldn’t solve.

  34. Fadi says:

    My teacher told me if I visited this page I will get participation points ????

  35. Ashraqat says:

    Good job tala,You are a girl with goels and congrats for this????????

  36. Lama says:

    Really good essay tala
    Good luck.

  37. Mena Albahaa says:

    Nice one, my friend

  38. Payman Altalabani says:

    Well done Tala

  39. shnyar says:

    very good ???? wish you all the best good luck ????????

  40. Mona says:

    Well done Tala. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our way of thinking.

  41. Varia Muhammed says:

    Well done tala amazing work inshalla you can follow ur dreams and succed in your goal

    You are pretty, smart, bright and kind and its that what makes me believe u will achieve this dream♥♥♥

    Lots of love , Varia♥♥

  42. Joanne Ball says:

    Well done my amazing student. You give us all hope in the next generation.

  43. Cara Ather says:

    Great job Tala.You really have the motivation to speak your voice out to all the people out there who need to realise everything about this.You made me feel the same way about the world.I want to help out the poor people out there too.Thanks for doing this.You’re a girl who’s top one priority for the future is to change the world????

  44. Hassan says:


  45. Dr. khulood Al - ogaili says:

    Amazing work ,well done you are smart and i wish you succed in your GOAL
    September 26 , 2017 11.30

  46. Ezaldin Monther says:

    Way to go Tala!!

    Nice writing and I hope that you reach the top to achieve that dream.

    Best Regards
    Mr. Ezaldin A.Monther

  47. Shahinaz Inalo says:

    Good job my dear and well done keep it up smart student

  48. zeyad ameer salman says:

    A wonderful talk about sustainable development and equality between women and men, as well as the eradication of poverty and the provision of employment opportunities, the prevention of violence and the encouragement of criminals criminals to stop harming innocent people and I support these ideas, but the means is civil society organization to implement these ideas
    On the ground before reaching the corrupt rulers and politicians

  49. Nerd killer says:

    You literally wasted ur life doing this ….nerd ! ????

  50. Sami says:

    Very good tala super????

  51. Aya says:

    This essay is really wonderful Good job and keep On ❤

  52. Jeyran_sherwani says:

    Hi talaphoni this is a good essay good luck ????????

  53. Jeyran_sherwani says:

    Hi tala it was really good ,good luck

  54. Redha says:

    Great job!

  55. Jumana Ahmad says:

    Good job tala. I hope your dreams become true.

  56. Hesham Shakarchi says:

    Done, i hope they will accept your project

  57. Itimad Al-Barazi says:

    Well Done, Good Highlighting on Critical Issues.

  58. Ezaldeen Osama says:

    So talented, keep going

  59. Rajni Sinha says:

    Amazing work Tala ! Keep up the good work. Your effort is commendable. Good luck !

  60. Jake Paul says:

    Dab on the haters

  61. Moe says:

    Thank Maysam later lol
    Well done

  62. Houda Zaki Naccache Akkari says:

    Very very true good luck dear you will have in future full success God bless you all

  63. Houda Zaki Naccache Akkari says:

    Very very true God bless you hopefully you will have success in future

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