While I was looking trough the essay topics, I got really excited about gender equality. I thought it was an amazing thing to write about. I saw the description that said to try empowering all women and girls. It really does sound like what most people nowadays think about gender equality and, more importantly, about equality between each other.

Our society has been evolving in such a deep and unique way that we cannot be amazed by the future or the present because only the past is extremely marvellous. We started with a big difference between men and women. At first, even though men were stronger and were the hunters, women were the important part of the old society. The main reason was that women can give birth. After that, somehow, we did not evolve in such a great way as we could think. Instead of trying to reach equality, because of the steep decreasing in the power of women, men became more significant than it should have been in a balanced level of power between genders. They were the only ones with jobs, with the right of voting, with all the power in the community while women were housekeepers and babysitters. After a while, women began believing in themselves and they started fighting for their well deserved rights. Even today, we have got campaigns about equality between women and men. Even though these campaigns can be really empowering for all the females, the main thing that they implant in people’s mind is that women are weaker, more fragile and need help to get anything. To be fair, everyone realises that women have got power, intelligence, money, whatever they want and hope for, but these meetings are just made to put women on a pedestal. We have two kinds of discrimination that happen nowadays. The first is why we are afraid, when some rights of the victims are not respected. The second is a more positive one. We say that a group of people is helpless and we want so badly to help them that we sometimes give them too many benefits.

For gender equality, we have got the feminism. At first, the name had got a reason with containing “female”, but now feminism is just sexist. We forgot that we are a team, a very well organised one, full of all kinds of humans, with the same rights and obligations. And we forgot that, exactly like in a team, everyone needs encouragement, empowerment or just thanking for all they do. That is how a great team works and, despite our level of organisation, we are not a great team. We try empowering only half of our society to be better, to aim higher and to remember that everything is possible, but this does not get us productivity. While society is divided in at least two parts, instead of acknowledging that we can do anything by working hard, no matter which division we come from, we start either being too optimist about our abilities or too pessimist about them.

We have such an evolved society, with such intelligent, caring and loving people that we can make each other feel, know better, and live in a higher world. So instead of doing this for all mankind, we think that not fitting a pattern is like wearing a huge tattoo on your face. If you have got a tattoo, physical or just social, it does not mean you are more or less capable to do things. And this means we do not use our time, energy and willingness to make people understand that we all can make a difference if we are given a chance and help. After all, we started with a lot of plants, no establishments, nothing unless our bear hands and our minds. Our primary need to survive combined our desire for a better living and our amazing intelligence and perseverance made us want to evolve, to be happier. And every day we work so hard for that, each and every one of us in his or her way and we make this world a better one. We are not perfect, but we have got the perfect ability, lust for a better life.

Despite our physical distance between each other we had created new ways to communicate, to connect, to share, to be together. We help each other even when we correct a minor mistake on Wikipedia, because we care, know better or just want to help. Our wish to be known, to be appreciated, to be loved is a very important aspect that needs to be taken in consideration every time we want to grow. The main reasons for this is that, unless we are happy with what we do and know what we want, we cannot be determined enough to really exceed ourselves. That is the only way we can be a better chess board. Each of us is different, some of us can go only straight, others diagonally or others in funny “L” ways. We seem that we have some common qualities, especially with the ones that we work with, but we cannot be exactly the same. And that is the way this society works: each and every one of us brings something new, a way to eat, to sleep, or even inspiration to others. The ambition and courage we have got are some of the most important reasons why we are still growing.

Therefore, in my opinion, we are humans. Even though we are not completely alike, we have got some things in common. We are not perfectly equals, because each of us is unique in his or her way, but we always will want the same things: a happier day, an easier week at work, better judgements every month, more time every year, lofty memory every ten years, a better life. Even though I did not talk about gender equality necessarily, I hope I empowered some humans out there that read my essay.

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