We Hardly See any Space in this World where the two genders are treated equally.

And what’s the reason? I’m still unable to find. And if they do it due to biological differences, then They should be in Asalym for biologically, Women are more stronger than men.

Infant mortality rises because female children are killed before birth. They are considered as a burden. Her family think she has to go to another house. Her In-laws think she belongs to other house. Is anybody here to tell me where she actually belongs to?

” I separated a single soul into two halves for now they shall live to find each other.”

There’s no difference. 

Women bring to this world joy and happiness.  Their essence is all that is needed by a struggling soul. 

But still there are so many orthodox who think Women to be their boot’s dust. These people should be killed by politeness.

In today’s era, Women are running parallel to men. They excel in every field. Be it Academics or co curricular or sports or music.

Take an example of a woman who is admired by millions and millions of people across the globe for her writing. J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter and who doesn’t love it?

Be it Geeta Phogat who won Gold medals in wrestling or Saina Nehwal- The ultimate Badminton player.

Women have climbed Everest and on the other hand Swam English channel. And what about Hellen Keller? The inspiration. Who can forget Malala Yousafzai- Bag of Motivation. Name one field in which women are not excelling and I’ll give you bucks.

And for those who sat Women are not good drivers, most of the accidents and Road Rage nuisance is created by men. 

Women are said not to wear exposing clothes. Seriously? Now society has to teach us what to wear? Don’t tell them what to wear, tell men not to stare.

Don’t let them see you, return home before dark, don’t make boys friends. Restrictions are endless. But take a moment and think if men were taught to treat women equally, these conditions would not have been arrived.

When We open Newspaper all we find is “Women Raped and Harrassed”, ” Female newborn child found in dustbin” and what not.

We need to remove them for Com’mon there’s much more to read in the newspaper.

Gender is just a word. We need generation who respects everyone.  We Will know that equality has come when people will think of their achievements and not their sex.

Gender equality does not only means Respecting women. It means treating both genders equal.

Treat Men and Women with respect and Society will grow. Young Generation would only be admired if it is a right generation. 

God created differences internally. Externally we are same and have same potential and vigour.




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