‘Under the sea, darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me.’ Under the sea there is a completely different world but that world is in danger. This sea holds cultural meaning for many cultures all over the world and throughout history. Some towns and cities base their entire economics around it. Though the entire ocean may not be able to be saved all at once, so let’s start small. At the Great Barrier Reef, in a town called Airlie Beach. There are companies in Airlie Beach that provide help to this great reef however there are some that use the reef for their own benefit without doing anything.

Aboriginals, Torres Strait islanders, south sea islanders, all have a connection to the sea and it’s not just limited to the people native to Australia ether. Europeans, Asians even Ancient civilisations all had strong connections to the sea and used it as a source of food, materials and transport. Today there are many cultures that have a spiritual connection to the sea and is also one of the only connections to their history they have. Scientist have dedicated their lives to preserve the many species within the Great Barrier Reef and the culture with it but to no avail. Sometimes it’s just not enough. Airlie Beach is a town that relies on tourist to survive and has companies such as Eco Barge, which is dedicated to keeping the seas clean and preserving the world beneath it.

There are many companies at Airlie Beach dedicate to solving the ever decreasing sea life, within the Great Barrier Reef. Eco Barge is a company that rescues marine life (mainly turtles) in the Whitsunday region. Eco Barge is responsible for cleaning up the Whitsunday beaches and lowering the amount of debris around the W hitsundays. Eco Barge has managed collect up to 153,152 kilograms since July 2009. Not just the sheer amount is intimidating but the amount of time needed to clear up some of the debris is unbelievable. Large amounts of ropes can be washed on sure in a big tangle. These huge tangles of rope can’t be taken all once and so part of it gets taken away the rest to be gathered another day. Some of these rope piles are so big that it can take years for eco barge to cut away at it. Debris affect the survival of the underwater life both in the reefs and open water. There are other companies in the area that could learn from Eco Barge and assist in the rescue and/or care of marine life, such as the Whitsunday Cruise.

Whitsunday Cruise attracts a great many customers with providing their customer’s trips to the Great Barrier Reef and sights of whales on their cruises. However they do little to maintain the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Imagine if the whales suddenly stopped coming or the Great Barrier Reef started disintegrating, well that’s what’s happening. The whales are getting scarce and the Great Barrier Reef is slowly dying. Whitsunday Cruises would lose an excessive amount of customers if this continues and so would the Whitsundays. Even of it was a small donation to Eco Barge or asking their customers to make sure that they put rubbish in the bin, I believe that the Whitsunday Cruises could help the situations that the underwater world faces. The Whitsunday Cruise could even arrange a trip for volunteers to have a trip around the islands to help clean the beaches. With this there would be less work for Eco Barge and the clean-up of the beach will finish much quicker.

Under the sea is a completely different world, full of unique flora and fauna. These forms of life are a part of our everyday life, economically and culturally. Without this underwater world there could be a massive economic struggle for towns like Airlie Beach and a critical loss of culture from the world. Companies like Eco Barge are already trying to prevent this disaster and other companies like Whitsunday Cruise have an opportunity to help save our marine world. But remember no matter how small, you, me, we can all lend a hand and save the world under the sea.


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