Gender equality? It has been one of the most controversial topic worldwide. Some believes we’ve achieved it, some doesn’t, some is still oppose it. Well here’s the truth: we are not even close to reaching it.

Only 14% female representation in governments . In the top 500 films, only 30.8% of speaking characters are women, only 10% of movies featured a balanced cast. Mass media holds the power to influence billions and billions of people under a minutes and yet we are not using it to portray gender equality. You might think this is unrelated, but equality between men and women are not I’m addressing here. My point is: not only that we haven’t reach to the equality between men and women, the concept of gender equality haven’t include the whole picture yet.


Gender. When one mentions this particular word, you automatically think of men and women. Don’t you feel like you’re leaving something out? because you are. People assume gender is strictly a distinction, progression of male to female. I think it is time that we include the other genders – transgender, intersex, gender queer,…- in the picture as well, don’t you?

Everyone talks about gender equality, neither disagree or agree, so my question is: if it’s gender equality then why are we discriminating genders beyond male and female?

Our world have been actively evolving so why are we disinclining? Nowadays, people do have more awareness to different genders but they are held back, assuming that prejudices against other genders are almost gone, that they are not alienated but according what I’ve seen reveals otherwise.


How many films have you seen featuring people of genders beyond male and female that made it to the big screen? Close to none.

Recently, Beauty and the beast was banned from several countries just because it was promoting gender queer. Another distressing news was out: ‘Chechnya opens world’s first concentration camp for homosexuals since Hitler’, dozens of gender-queer  are reportedly tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death in illegal detention facilities. These are horrific movements of rejection towards innocent people who just do not subscribe to the conventional concept of gender.

Is it a crime or a disorder if your gender identification doesn’t match your sex, if you are gender queer? No! Does it matter that you were born with a different biological part to the typical, an intersex? No it does not. It’s a part of a human’s identification, which should be deeply accepted, appreciated not ignored.


 Any serious shift to sustainable societies has to involve gender equality because after all we are all humans and everyone deserves equal rights, no more no less. Genders are just genders, no particular gender is superior over the rest. You gain nothing from degrading others.


Just another school girl who want her voice to be heard and desire changes to the world.

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