The Shared Value Approach to Improving Corporate Profitability through NGO Funding

Article submitted by: Brett Dvoretz

Over the next four weeks we will be examining the advantage of strategic partnerships between the private sector and NGOs. We will reveal how these strategic relationships can result in not just higher corporate profits, but also worldwide economic, educational, and environmental improvements. This four part series will take a deeper look at the cyclical nature of the shared value concept and the simultaneous benefit it provides to the private sector and social development.

Follow along with us as we explore possibilities for corporations to improve their bottom line by adopting a sustainable business model and increasing their social awareness. At the same time they can foster community goodwill and grow consumer support. Large and small businesses alike can play a role in infrastructure improvements, resource conservation, economic stimulus, and educational advancements resulting in a more efficient workforce, increased sales, and a greener Earth.

Look for part one coming soon covering topics like the relationship between an educated population and greater corporate efficiency, the effect poor education is having on profitability, ways for corporations to adopt a shared value approach, and how the shared value approach can result in increased shareholder returns. We also spotlight some great NGOs working hard to improve education in underdeveloped countries.

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