During the industrial revolution we began rebuilding our entire society on fossil fuels and became increasingly dependent on our natural resources. This rapid industrialization exposed us to our first experience with pollution, where soot covered the buildings and streets of large European cities. The increased standard of living caused us to focus on the positives industrialization brought. Hundreds of years ago when industrialization first began these inventors and innovators were oblivious to the consequences of aggressively extracting fossil fuels. Today we are not graced with that same ignorance, and we are knowingly pillaging our global ecosystem. This mass scale change left us to be completely dependent on fossil fuels, where we’ve been ignoring the environmental problems we’ve been causing for decades. Climate change is the most important issue of our time because if we do not address this crisis we will see the devastation of irregular weather patters, the disappearance of countless species, and the possibility of being witnesses to the extinction of the human race.

The change of global climate patterns has been caused by increased green house gas emissions from the industries that allow our society to function. The constant depletion of our resources is contributing to changes in global weather patterns, and this problem is only getting worse. The increased greenhouse effect that is caused by the escalation of atmospheric gases such as carbon dioxide leads to a noticeable increase in temperature. Even the optimistic prediction of just an increase of 2C will lead to polar ice caps melting, sea levels rising, floods, droughts, wild fires, and the extinction of endangered species. Already we have caused extreme damage to the atmosphere and are seeing the affects of climate change though recent dangerous weather conditions. This mass industrialization has caused the first 6 months of 2016 to set the record for the warmest months globally since we began keeping temperature records back in 1880. Our planet has multiple Carbon sinks such as the oceans and forests, but these sinks cannot keep up with the mass output of carbon dioxide. Trees, one of the most valuable resource that can be used to absorb carbon dioxide are being clear cut all around the world. Boreal forests in Canada are being destroyed to expand oil extraction operations, rainforests in the Amazon and in Indonesia are being cut for palm oil plantations and farm land.  Many of these rainforests are being burned as quick ways to clear the land which release massive amounts of CO2, this pollution is destroying the local native communities as well as contributing to climate change. These companies responsible for the destruction of the health and culture of the people living near these operations do not care nor take responsibility for their actions. The people responsible for the pollution and release of green house gases do not care for the lives they damage as they are turning a substantial profit from committing these destructive operations.

We have become a society of greed, where the individuals who can create real positive change refuse to as they benefit more from supporting fossil fuel corporations. Many governments and corporations have chosen to delay addressing the issue of climate change as it is not yet affecting them. Commitment to clean energy would cost them trillions, so prominent figures capable of creating progress have chosen to ignore the issue as they are not the ones being directly affected. To become a civilization truly only reliant on green energy we would need to change everything about our society. This change will be slow and costly, and not enough is being done as misinformation is still being deliberately spread about climate change throughout the media. It is no longer the case where doing small tasks such as taking showers instead of baths, and turning off your lights when there not in use will drastically improve the current state of our environment. The facts are that not only are we drastically changing our climate, we are turning to risky resources to sustain our energy needs such as hydraulic fracturing, tar sands, and offshore drilling. The change to alternative energy such as solar and wind must begin right now, with the most powerful and influential nations leading the way to converting to these alternative energy sources as well as supporting developing nations to make the change as well.   But countries such as the United States, who can do the most to influence the world are controlled by politicians and fossil fuel interests who deny climate change is happening.  America is a superpower which can lead the entire world into global change. But has politicians such as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mary Landrieu, Donald Trump the president elect, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and James Inhofe who openly spread misinformation about climate change and repeatedly call it a hoax. Many of these politicians are bought by fossil fuel interests such as BP, Shell, and Koch Industries who fund climate change denialism. These prominent climate change deniers do not need facts, but only need to convince the public to further their own agendas. These industries do not have the public’s best interests; they are run by the worlds elite whose only concern is how they can further expand their empire and will buy or silence whoever necessary to achieve this.

Many of the consequences of climate change have already become irreversible. The world must face the facts and realize that this is no longer a debate to see if climate change is real or not, it’s a debate of how we correct our mistakes. We must stop the spread of misinformation in the media and recognize that this is the most important issue of our time.  The individuals responsible for climate change must be held accountable, and people all around the world must push their governments to inforce this accountability. Share you voice, protest, and vote because Climate change is no longer something we can ignore, as the consequences of our selfish actions have caught up with us.

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  1. Ana Janson says:

    Great essay !

  2. Priya says:

    Extremely imformative and well written. The writer’s passion for the subject is obvious.

  3. Sophie says:

    A great essay on a very important issue 🙂

  4. Viselance says:

    This is a great essay but you are using very long sentence Anita. See this sentence for instance:

    “America a superpower which can lead the entire world into global change has politicians such as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mary Landrieu, Donald Trump the president elect, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and James Inhofe who openly spread misinformation about climate change and repeatedly call it a hoax.” Consider cutting it down and try to use simple sentences.

    Even though you did a great job in communicating your ideas, it is actually getting hard for the reader to follow when as i move toward the end.

    All in all, great work.

    • Anita says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! I tried to fix that part of the essay, but because I already reached the limit of 1000 words its hard to.

  5. Robbie says:

    Good essay! We need more kids to be passionate to stop the evil climate change! Like playing sportacus or the trumpet!

  6. Hannah Westover says:

    Great essay only tweak I would do is offer more statistics to make your claims more credible. Especially if someone does not know much about this topic facts, statistics, and names are a key factor on making a good essay into a great one!

  7. Jessica says:

    Really educational and motivational. 🙂

  8. Reynald says:

    Well written, great essay and really educational. Good work

  9. Ria Tyagi says:

    its awesome!!!
    keep it up:)

  10. Dilshan Marasinghe says:

    Wow Anita! You sure are one amazing girl and this is one amazing essay! You gave lots of strong and valid information about the topic and speaking honestly, this is one of the greatest essays I have ever read. Great work Anita 😀

  11. Syed Saad says:

    It’s very well written..
    I think we need to understand the difference between needs and lust. Usage of fossil fuels is necessary to accomplish our certain important needs, but when the factor of greed and lust for money comes into it, it does no good to anyone. We can’t take this planet for granted, neither we should. It’s important for the life minded people to raise their voice and make people aware the reality, which is climate change..

  12. Ivan Rivera says:

    Amazing essay, one that looks into instances that still ring true to this day, backed up with prevalent information. Good job.

  13. Yassmin saad says:

    Amazing .I really enjoyed reading it . You a great way of writing . keep on that good writing ????

  14. Siddhant Kshirsagar says:

    Very very good essay!!! You have perfectly explained your views in proper words about the issue.Very influencing and nice one, KEEP IT UP!!!

  15. Hind Al Hameli says:

    great effort put into this very outstanding essay ???????? more people need to be educated about our global issues.

  16. Sneha Rai says:

    I agree with each and every line of this esay because i think we are not giving global warming any attention…. which we will regret later if we keep on ignoring it like that!!!

  17. Kee'nan Haggen says:

    Very well-written. You have a very strong voice and I liked how you addressed the deniers and why we should act on the issue now.

  18. Caitlin B says:

    Hey Anita, I really enjoyed reading your essay keep it up. However I do suggest that you should re read and fix up some little errors such as where your placing capital letters. Also there is a documentary called the “an inconvenient truth” that is about a world leader trying to make change. It provides a lot of statistics and understanding basics that could help support it. Overall I really liked how you approached the topic. Keep it up!

  19. 97Myrtle says:

    I must say you have very interesting articles here. Your website should go viral.
    You need initial traffic only. How to get it? Search for; Etorofer’s strategies

  20. Tayla says:

    This is so good very well written and pervade the message clearly very well done ????

  21. Chloe says:

    I like how informative it is! There are just a few grammar and spelling mistakes to be checked. ????

  22. Muhaimin Khan says:

    Very well written but in the last paragraph it is said as if climate change is only the fault of officials and leaders of countries.

    (I know that the max word limit is already reached).Maybe next time you could make whatever essay is being done seem as if it is the fault of the community as a whole because they support the “Super Powers” by encouraging climate through action. By implying this it could provoke more emotion.

  23. Wizard says:

    A well written essay! Very true!

  24. Ken M says:

    But you are ignoring the fact that global warming corrects itself retroactively… Hotter years make previous years cooler!

  25. Victor says:

    Very good essay. It is obvious that a lot of work has been put into this.

  26. Bobby says:

    really nice work!

  27. Thisari says:

    Great essay with a super powerful message!! I really enjoyed reading it

  28. Zhenyujin says:

    Well,it’s a big and important topic.I think the writer did a lot of work before writing this essay.????The environment is vital to us. And global warming is a difficult problem to solve.???? The world still have a lot to do.????Yes, people should unite to overcome the difficulty!!????????

  29. Aarthieesh says:

    Amazing essay you have written here! Informative and with a great notion, which I fully support. Although statistics would be preferable your writing was so well crafted I wouldn’t say it was needed.

  30. Pranav says:

    Great Essay and very nicely written. ????????.

  31. Lesego says:

    Its really informative and very well written????????????????

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