Everyone is living in this world and this world is a common ground of resources. In every era people suffering is somehow same. The only thing that changes is time and tradition of that era in which we are living.

In every step of life there is a comparison between the people and such comparisons arise the matter like poverty,hunger and vast kind of discrimination. If we want to know what poverty really is, we have to just turn our faces around the community we are living in. When a family have to spend a night without a grain and fill their abdomen with a glass of water. When the children are left to beg in the streets and the married women are burn forcefully , when you have to share the food like a dog and spend your whole life in slavery . Some generation of people are still forced to work in other fields and involved in odds job of the landlords because of ancestors debt. These things somehow define poverty but how it is raised and adopted have common ground.

In the modern time still the condition is same but some don’t want to accept the suffering and some countries human life , dignity and humanity is in danger form.Poverty is like a clear water which existence is a root composited of it’s strong branch and supported by numerous leaves.

Like  coin is composed of two parts ,every problem has a solution hidden within it.  We all know the various roots which causes poverty. It started from the society in the form of inequality, division of the various classes, the property control by the higher class people. It has higher political influence and the concept of divide and rule also play the vital role. During the process of colonization many people lost their property and surrendered theirs wealth to powerful countries officials. During the war many countries had taken billions of dollars loan from others powerful countries and show such loans are becoming backbones of poverty . Due to such loans the host countries cannot flow their budgets towards infrastructure development  and use the money for the betterment of the people. The corruption and economic status of  different countries directly effect the social and economic status of people. Various budgets freeze and even their is corruption in budget for old age people for their health and others basic needs. When the budgets of roads and drinking water are not reach properly,  how is the end of poverty is possible.

Our thoughts also give rise to poverty. We judge people by their color, class and caste  not  by their capabilities and determination so they cannot move forward and change their living standard. We must change the core thinking and our attitude which motivate us for others downfall. The leaders of the world instead of spending millions of dollars on national security and military, they can use the money of atoms bomb , arms and ammunition in  the poorest countries of the world to provide education, health facilities and income generating activities. Such millions of dollars can help domestic and international to step towards prosperity . There are many states in the countries in which people are  in much condition where they have to sell their bodies to survive. In the name of survival many young youth are involved in robbery and murder as a profession. If such states people must be provided minimum requirements and their hunger must be fulfilled  then problem of poverty would minimized. To make this possible creating jobs through agriculture, establishment of factories and provide right culture is essential. The guns and missile investment are turn in these areas then poverty is not a big problem. In many countries people have to collect wealth for the survival of their children and themselves. The government of these countries must take full responsibility of their people. These kinds of things lead to corruption. When country budget reach to their minority and development starts then the possibilities  arise from every corner. Every citizen of the country can be used from high school to masters degree holder and also those  skilled manpower who lack education. The powerful countries must stop to use the weak countries for their own benefit and to start various wars. Many powerful countries take control only for their valuable resources and left the country in suffering and hunger. These sorts of things make people homeless, jobless and poverty enters and locks all form of development.

The people who are in poverty mustn’t think they are ueless or they are the people of lower classes. They must learn to stand on their own

We must all stand and join for development and end discrimination and let people know we all people of the world are equal and this would help us to end poverty

i love exploring new places and talk to new people. i am always eager to find something new. first of all I like to know myself.

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  1. bishwonath basnet says:

    the topic you have chosen is a global issue and I appreciate

  2. prasan says:

    it describe various situations of people…….

  3. Ajay B. K says:

    You are right dinesh. The way you describe about the world situation is exactly the same that you describe. Everybody in this world are doing for their benifit rather then thinking of other. If we all stand together with out and any descrimination between the developing and under developing countries then obviously the world will be change if we all stand together. I am fully agree with your thoughts.

  4. surendra katuwal says:

    I really appriciate for your statement. If you want to make best please involve more data of economic matters.

  5. Kiran???? says:

    Incredible thinking boy????

  6. Saurav says:

    nice one.. (y)

  7. bishnu khanal says:


  8. Pradip says:

    Mindblowing creation….

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