Hunger is defined as ‘the discomfort, weakness, or pain caused by a prolonged lack of food’, provided by But is there more? In fact, hunger can be further explained in a greater depth. Hunger can be due to the lack of sufficient food to sustain oneself. And it can result in devastating effects such that, ‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,’ – Virginia Woolf. Recently I have been assigned a task whereby I have to create an Infogram which explains the food security in Pakistan. Through this task, I discover much more than what I am taught in class. There is more than just poverty that results in hunger. These factors include urbanisation, natural disasters and economic instability. Often food insecurity occurs in underdeveloped and developing countries because they are commonly found with these problems. In my opinion, ending hunger is achievable. ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’ – Nelson Mandela. Thus, through endeavouring efforts of corporations such as World Vision, CARE and Rise Against Hunger, the goal of ending world hunger by 2030 is possible.

Hunger cannot be avoided and it is essential. In our everyday lives, we, at some point in time, experience hunger. This hunger triggers our body senses to feel the need to consume food in order to sustain ourselves. Yet, sometimes people take advantage of this privilege and indulge in more food than their bodies require. Without proportional distribution of food, people who are less fortunate do get to satisfy their needs. Hence, discouraging the growth of a normal human being. In this case, being humanitarian is the key resolution to this issue. Instead of indulging in luxuries, people should learn to be generous. Even if it is just a little sacrifice, it still makes a difference. The lesser the luxuries people get to enjoy, the more assistance the unfortunate ones will receive. For instance, in China, a relatively economically rich country, there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Personally, I think that for China to be fully developed and successful, the gap between them should be lessened. Thus, the rich have to make sacrifices to make this happen.

Other than self-awareness, another method that is also important to the current progress, in the hope of ending hunger, will be self-volunteering. An example of a corporate that offers this opportunity will be the Rise Against Hunger organisation. The host a meal packaging event, hosted by this organisation allows volunteers to prepare more 10,000 meals for the people in developing countries. The corporation gather a total of 376,000 volunteers around the globe, whereby every volunteer has the avidity and selflessness to render aid for the wellbeing of others. Everyone is also able to contribute by raising awareness of this problem and encouraging their friends and families to join in this programme. The larger the corporation is built, the more unfortunate people, they are able to reach out.  

Furthermore, not exercising gender equality is a major concern to end world hunger. Gender equality means to have equal rights and freedoms between males and females. This imbalance in males and females is mostly found in developing countries, where the modern mindset has not evolved into the society. Specifically, in Pakistan, females tend to eat the leftovers of the males in the family. It is a practice throughout the traditional families in Pakistan. This matter leads to the unproportional distribution of food, mentioned in the first paragraph. Women without adequate food create economic instability, a widespread of diseases and decrease in agricultural production. World Food Programme states that 4/5 labour on smallholder farms is provided by women. This fact displays the importance of women’s role in the society. Women are no longer inferior to men they are capable of making significant contributions to the country. Therefore, promoting gender equality is one of the major goals for corporations in ending world hunger.

After all, the power of a group of people is stronger than one person. If everyone has a similar approach to ending world hunger, it will be deemed possible. Three main things that an individual should have the knowledge of, are self-awareness, self-volunteering, and the importance of gender equality. With these pieces of knowledge known by the people, corporates can strive effortlessly towards their goal. 

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  1. Maricar says:

    Food is the soul

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