Who is poor? A search  in google will lead you to some black and white pictures of young and old, wearing torn cloths with a smile or tear. Why? Why black and white? Did the colours  forgot to breeze into their life? Don’t they deserve some rangoli shades in their dreams?

“Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn’t commit.” 
  – Eli Khamarov, writer

What would be your answer if I ask you what is the most important thing for you in your life? Health? Wealth? Your friends and family? Education? Career? Well, it might be anything in this world but…

Believe me or not, the most important thing in life for more than 3 billion people in this world is to get one time meal per day to fill their stomach. Hard to believe but this is the fact. In this same planet, 22,000 kids are dying every day due to hunger while some of us are saving money to buy 27 dollar Kat Von D lip gloss.

This is what called poverty. When I say poverty, I don’t just mean that people don’t get enough food to live but also they don’t have a shelter to protect theirselves from the burning sun or freezing snow. Poverty is the number one goal in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). The first goal could have been hunger, education, health or even economic growth but poverty was chosen as the first goal because I personally consider that it is the root cause for all the other factors that I’ve mentioned earlier.

“Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” 
 – Aristotle, Greek philosopher

To make our world a better place, first we need to help our fellow human beings because it’s every human being’s rights to live their lives. As the poverty decrease, the world will develop by itself because there won’t be another child’s death because of malnutrition, there won’t be another child sleeping in the box at streets, and most importantly there won’t be another child grow up without knowing that he or she is living in a planet called earth.

To achieve the goal to vanish poverty in all its forms everywhere, humanitarians, NGO’s, governments alone can’t make it. This is why… CSR MATTERS. 

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility 

In this fast-paced 21st century, I would say that the world is being ruled by business or more accurately by corporate companies. It is because everything is a business. From the life saving medical to life killing smoke. Every individual is a consumer. So, I think the corporates should take some responsibilities in the improvement of human kind by making effort to reduce poverty.

Firstly, corporate companies can collaborate with International Non-Government Organizations like ONE and CARE to help the poor. More than half of the consumers say that they are willing to pay more for products and services from the companies which has social responsibilities. Corporate companies can be a medium between ordinary people and the NGOs.  For example, a company whose main selling is cereals can make a promo that says that 5% of the cost of a packet of cereal will be given to the people in hunger. By doing so, more people will buy the product to help the poor and more money can be gathered. The company manages to engage the ordinary consumers in the helping process and also gets to help the needy people. Killing two birds in one stone. A real life example of this idea would be Petsmart, an American retail chain engaged in the sale of specialty animal products and services. PetSmart changed their checkout process a few years ago. Customers were shown a screen that asked if they wanted to donate to “help save homeless animals” after swiping their cards. Through this single strategy, PetSmart Charities raised $40 million in a year. Wow… right ?

Other than that, corporate companies should engage their workers in the effort to reduce poverty. It is well known that the millennial are very socially engaged generation. So, corporate companies can design the programme to reduce poverty while the workers can execute it. For example, companies can have medical camps for poor people and get their workers to do the volunteer works along with the doctors. Companies can also have programme such as ‘educate a child’ where employees go to places on weekend together and educate children with basic knowledge. Knowledge is very important for the children as the future of next generation depends on it. This could also be a perfect bonding time among the employees. Self-satisfaction that they get by doing good deeds could reduce stress and depression which is common among the corporate employees. 

These are some ways corporate companies can contribute to reduce global poverty. However, each and every individual are responsible to global poverty and must be willing to make the change in the world. If you change nothing, nothing will change.

When God created this world, he just hoped that humans will live happily by loving each other with all the other creations but is it what is happening today? Some of us might live happily but definitely we are not loving each other instead we are loving materialistic things. Another fact to push us into grieve: Oxfam estimates that it would take around $60 billion annually to end extreme global poverty which is less than 1/4 the income of the top 100 richest billionaires. It’s funny how that 3 billion people that I have mentioned earlier have nothing in their life but still manage to blossom a smile in their lips and move on with their life while the other side of the world is still complaining about not getting that expected salary increment; having enough to live and give but still wants more. These bitter truths sometimes urge me to think: who is the real poor here?


Just an ordinary girl who constantly tries to make the world a better place to be. Dream Big, Work Hard. ?

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    #great essay

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    Potrayed beautifully. Good work dear!

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    Good luck Sarah.keep it up your effort.one day sure you will achieve it

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    I’m impressed Sarah. Well done

  5. Naga says:

    I’m impressed Sarah. Well done.

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    This read makes me to think what I had for the world instead of just loving n living my own life!! #shit Donating food for poor during birthdays or special occasions just not enough. We have to open our eyes n act wisely for better tomorrow!!

  9. angelia francis says:

    Such a nice and meaninful words dear..keep it up..all the very best for your future girl..

  10. angelia francis says:

    Such a nice and meaningful words dear..keep it up..all the very best for your future girl..

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    My Dear Sarah… Love you Darling.. Such an excellent essay. Its not jst an essay.. It is a reflection of ur heart n shows who u are.. Proud to be ur teacher ma.. Language is a greatest and powerful tools to spreadout some of our thoughts to this entire world ma… Continue ur journey.. Such a Great future waiting for u my dear.. U r deserve for it… Tc Darling..

  12. Mirosha says:

    Hey there. Such a good and important write up. It’s about time we shed some light on such issues. Kudos on your effort.

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    Such wonderful thoughts and lines. Everyone should think about Everyone. That will result in Healthy Social Environment

    Beautiful and very meaningful words.

    All the best Sarah. God bless you.

  20. Swee Fong Liew says:

    Well done Sarah! A well researched n well written piece. You have created awareness towards this plight by highlighting it in your writing. Often times, within our own local community, countless poor go to bed hungry. That’s why I salute certain CSR efforts undertaken by two individuals I know of in my town, Ipoh. One is the soup kitchen, The Lighthouse undertaken by Dr Gill and another initiative called Pay It Forward, started by my ex AMC student, Ms Susan Ho, where the poor, homeless and destitute are sought out every Saturday night and given food packets. Great job!

  21. Yaashu Yaashviny says:

    Amazing sister..I’m impressed on ur such a great effort..I’m really feel better now after I read ur article! Thank you?

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    Wonderful thoughts and words. Everyone should read this. Praising LORD for giving you such a wisdom.
    God bless you sister.

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    Good one. This type of awareness should be highlighted more often..Thank u

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    A very inspirinf one girl. Keep up the good work. Good luck.

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  33. Rianna says:

    Very well written. In hopes of corporate donations (like her example of PetSmart or the cereal company), I would hope to see them actually donating all of what they promise, instead of what companies like the Red Cross do with their monetary donations.
    Your essay is very well displayed and needs vocalized more. May I suggest sending a pitch to companies with the same general outline you portrayed here?

  34. Maria says:

    Very good ideas for corporate companies to help the poor. Will look up how we can help as well. Thanks.

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    Brilliant job Sarah. Good luck .I like this message. Tq

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    Keep it up

    • Sarah Sagadavan says:

      Hehe. Glad that you liked that sentence but I can’t take the credits for that. I learnt that from a Hindi movie called Toilet. Sometimes films teach us more than textbooks. ??

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    Well said. All the best

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    Proud to say that you’re my student. Good research. Good work. Write more. I’m impressed. May God bless you always.

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    Proud to say that you’re my student. Good research. Good work. Write more. I’m impressed. May God bless you always.

  42. Urishna Nadarajan says:

    Proud to say that you’re my student. Good research. Write more. I’m impressed. May God bless you always.

  43. Urishna Nadarajan says:

    Proud to say that you’re my student. May God bless you.

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