Education is the brilliant gift that our parents prepared to us because they knows that education will help us not only for the better future but also to achieve our dreams in life.
if you are going to figure out all things done by people, you will see how education give us knowledge to do that things amazingly.
for examples, how engineer calculates the area of a land where the building stands, and how architect designed that building and how managers manage their business to be popular, its all because education grant them knowledge to do their job well.
If all people are schooling or finished their study we can’t ever seen poor people living at the coast, we can’t ever encountered gipsy people at the road or wayside asking money and we can’t ever hear humors about someone stole money at the bank or someone have killed people for money because we have mind that help us to think what happen next if we do something we want because education teach us to be moral people.
but why several people mostly teenager won’t go to school or not finished their study? because people has different problem by pursuing their dreams or go to school.
as I heard humors about one family living at the seaside, the interviewer asked the mother of the family about what life they have there, and the mother said that their life they have is so much hard because sometimes they didn’t eat if her husband unable to get at sea board to catch a fish because of calamity so they are not really eat whole day unless rice only and they has 4 children the oldest is 10yrs old and the youngest is 3yrs old, all of them are not go to school because as mother said they can’t provides the satisfaction of their kids needing at the school such as notebook, pencil or ball pen and the other requirements in fact they lived far away at the school, as she added they won’t let their children walks alone through forest thus their oldest daughter Mary help her Mother to care her youngest brother. As we can see they are suffering adversity that ruin their entire life even their children instead of go to school to learn and to finish their study for the day comes for them to have own family, to conduce their family so this is why we need to go to school.

 Similarly, My family was suffering adversity too, we are eight brethren in different father, two of my sister were still study but the rest of us were not finished because of financial problem. We are came from broken family, my mother’s occupation is self employed and my father is a janitor at the mall. I was graduated 4th year high school year 2014 but i’m still 1st year college because every year I finished one semester only because my parents said that they can’t afford my tuition fee even my course requirements so I’ve decided to stop and find some income that helps me to save bit money for my education and but I can’t save because of our everyday expenses so I pushed myself to consumed my savings but I’m still hoping that theres an opportunities for me to come back at the school, thats how important education for me, because I believe that all of us has a big dreams that’s why we fighting in life.

    Adverisity is the most problem of several people, I can say half of people living here in the philippines are jobless because they are lack of knowledge to work, some of them are Idle and the rest are choosing heavy work to live their family. Nowadays women at the minor age get pregnant and take a responsibility of being parents, sometimes I heard humors that someone heartless left a baby at the trashcan or sometimes they left it at the front door of someone else because of adversity they did this heartless thing. If anyone getting school to be educated this is never happened because they know what should they do to fulfill their responsibilities. This is one of the example why we need to go to school because school is our second home where teach us to be moral people and provide us knowledge to live well, to fight in life, that’s why our parents took us to school because they knows how education important to us.

  So I encourage people mostly boyhood to go to school whatever its hard, because many family suffering adversity by not attended to school. And always remember that repentance is always at the last.


I'm 18yrs old, 5'4 it comes the height, and black hair.

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