Ignorance is not all that bliss. Although, ignorance is very much so to those who choose to be ignorant. As a matter of fact, however, ignorance is the very reason, in my eyes, why world peace and other grand global aims seem more synonymous to a hodgepodge of humorous ideals than anything else. Why do they seem so out of reach? Why does enmity seem more apparent than goodwill? Why does the thought of “justice” and “human rights” seem satisfying, yet the consequence of the acts in favour of these (broadly speaking) are rather unfulfilled?

Well, in my opinion, there is most definitely a root to the problem. The root is definitely relative, but can be defined as a sort of deficiency. You see, it all comes down to opinion – something every individual possesses. Consider the thought of Opinion having birthed society, politics, etc. That would confirm that human rights, and law as a whole, matured from shared opinion, and thus, a supposed shared perspective. , e.g. We choose to kill those who kill others because killing people is wrong. Although, as every individual is unique and therefore has their own unique opinion, this shared perspective is only “supposed” as every opinion has to be met halfway, else we would never come to any resolution, again, broadly speaking.

We are aware that around the world, there are innumerable criminal attacks, war outbreaks, etc. What can be investigated is displayed across the media for all the world to witness. Disputes, strikes, attacks, etc, are the aftermath of a much bigger problem, and this is the very problem that comes down to “opinion”. You see, these peoples’ needs have not been met, and so they most likely believe that the most effective or immediate solution is to riot for the rights they have not been given, steal the money they cannot earn or refuse to work for their employers who are not paying them what they deserve… the list is virtually endless, and is simply a result of a lack of consideration of the opinions of others and in doing so, the needs of every individual are not catered for.

Picture a man with a gash in one leg, slowly becoming infected. Another man, or woman, claiming to be a doctor attends to this casualty. Said doctor cleans the leg up with necessary supplies and stitches up the open wound successfully. On another occasion, the same man who was once injured comes across another individual with the exact same injury he once had – a gash in the leg slowly becoming infected. Now, this man who has lived this experience has a number of choices to make. He could simply walk on by. He could join the crowd surrounding this new casualty, and watch, or start a riot, in the hopes that some passerby will lend a helping hand. He could decide to politely ask a member of the crowd to call an ambulance, and, while waiting, look for the required materials to clean the gash himself, just as was done to him previously.

There are better examples, but the one above basically illustrates how any individual can choose to use their own experiences to cater for an individual’s needs, or choose ignorance over goodwill and walk away. The man described above is in a position of privilege – where an individual who is in a better position than the other, (due to experience or wealth, etc.). He can choose one of three roads: ignorance, equality, or equity. Now, my concern is a shared concern on the internet. Most are in favour of equality, but is equality what we really need? Equity, more likely than not, is the missing piece to finding peace. Equality is the privileged individual who shares equally among others what he or she has and thinks to share (outrageous example: “every individual must own a gun”). Equity recognises the needs of each individual.

A lady, Salomé Chimuku, illustrated the “equity home” explaining its importance in every community. She described it as a home we must aspire to build towards, needing both individuals’ privileges and the experiences of others. Privilege can be used as a tool to build this home or a weapon to destroy it, while experiences, depending on perspective, may be the building materials needed or a pile of debris. Now, many have the tools to build this ideal home, but choose to belittle, condescend, or denigrate. Why not choose to build and maintain? If we all build one “equity home”, we have numerous healthy communities!

If you have read this far, I would like to commend you for that. As silly as that may seem, there is reason for my praise. Opinion, as said before, is something every being possesses and the ability to consume another individual’s opinion (whether or not you share one of the same) is not an ability that is all too common, I believe. There has always been those willing to point out my bias, whether it may be due to race, background, or, perhaps, the fact that I am female, or human for that matter… maybe my religion or the mere existence of my own morals having possibly just too much or just not enough heartfelt. What these people fail to comprehend is this “bias” is what makes me who I am; what makes my own opinion unique to me. It makes me unique. I hope, now, that you may realize that the very accusations I have exemplified above, portray the very ignorance which causes justice, liberation and world peace, to hang much further from the reach of our own fingertips than necessary. It is up to us, however, to make the choice that pulls us closer. Ignorance is not all that bliss.

I am an 18 year old who loves music dearly. With piano as my forte, I would love to inspire people one day with my own compositions as composers of the past and present have done. I am a woman who believes there is more than what meets the eye. Our own perspective can only reveal so much, and so, listening to others, and being heard, are two things I find to be very important. Everyone has a voice worth hearing!

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  1. Tia Nyamuda says:

    I touched on a very broad concern, here. All comments are appreciated. Would love to know what your thoughts are on the matter!

  2. Dilshan Marasinghe says:

    Wow Tia!! This essay is the definition of OUTSTANDING! 😀 All the points and information you’ve given are very strongly held and I did not spot any grammatical errors which is definitely a good thing. Great job Tia 🙂

  3. Sara says:

    Your essay is great, it has a great message. I like the way you think. It’s healthy to think like you, it’s special because people are less and less healthy in their head. The words you say are outstanding, the way you explain to people what’s right. Would like to read more ????????

  4. Leigh says:

    Wow, this essay is outstanding Tia!!???? Great to see your opinions on this subject! Keep up the amazing work! Would love to read more!????

  5. sarabatool2013 says:

    This is one of the best essays I have read, after a long time. The thing I like best about it that it shows an ability to think and to reason with an open mind. It was a really awesome read!

  6. Jamila says:

    your essay has great message

  7. Joseph --1 says:

    big up Tia,great job ……..

  8. Diana says:

    I love this essay. You are a good writer Tia. I loved your input of the idea.

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