Recent studies show that the top three reasons students drop out of school: first, it’s because they’re failing too many classes (27.6 %), they’re bored (25.9 %), and “school wasn’t relevant to my life” (20.3%). Other reasons are because of drugs, bullying, mental health or financial issues.


Why drop out exist in the first place? Looking at the reasons above, we know that we need to fix our education system. Funny fact that some of the world’s most impactful people are school dropouts. The coincidence is that they share something in common: they’re passionate and curious about one particular thing that interested them; which you can’t get from most of the schools today. These dropouts are lucky because when most teenage go to college to explore, they already know what they love deeply and what they’re good at and how they can make a profit out of it.

In the world of today, various problems occur: poverty, crime, corruption, unemployment. Don’t you think that all of these crises have to do with education? Economist predicts that improving the education system would boost the economy. Education is a life. A human spends its most crucial first 20 years and golden time of life in schools. Like a building’s foundation for a construction, the foundation of someone’s future lay on schools. As Benjamin Franklin said, “an investment of knowledge always pays the best interest”.

The basic goal of school has been the same for centuries: to produce compliant standardized workers. Schools or universities weren’t built to give you skill in your profession. They’re rather about how good you are at taking exams (Let’s be honest, most of us forget 80 percent of what we memorized only three days after the exam). Standardized tests shouldn’t be the foremost custom of education. As Diane Ravitch said, “sometimes, the most brilliant and intelligent mind does not shine in standardized tests because they don’t have standardized minds”.

Let’s imagine building a strong foundation for someone’s future. With an ideology that school doesn’t end with childhood or fun. The main syllabus is to invite students to develop their own ideas, construct their own learning by expanding, clarifying and developing their thinking. Children should start school at age 7. In the first six years of school, children shouldn’t be measured in any way. It doesn’t matter how they perform in class. And there should be no homework. The main purpose is to spark curiosity in them. Teach them any lessons they want with determination and genuine interest and passion. Allow them to experiment with everything, all in the name of fun. Build their natural interests, as children are natural learners. If schools are early to recognize the students’ interests and provided as much support and encouragement, we might produce exceptionally high achieving doctors, artists or architects which will end up boosting our economy.

Life is sometimes about trying everything and find out which to pursue and which to stop. Most children love to learn anything. They start out with an instinct to explore and discover. Talk to them about anything: music, sport, math, art, cooking, or literature. Explain it in simple terms, why this lesson is interesting, or what is the best thing about this lesson. An individual learns and attains knowledge by its influences, interest, and curiosity, as well as having the right people around to offer mentorship.

Surround students with books. Harvard University researchers found that consistent access to books can increase a child’s motivation to read. Schools should provide books like magazines, encyclopedias, literature, science. Place them in every corner of the school. Classes, corridors, walls, and even canteen. Allow them 15 to 25 minutes time to read anything before class begins. Reading a lot will help students to determine what stuff that interested them. After every lesson, there should be a 15 minutes break for students. As recent studies show that more break time actually increases test scores and learning and decreases mental illness, depression and general bad behavior.

Another important thing to consider is the teacher. You can’t improve education if you don’t pick great people to teach. Give them constant support and professional development, helping them to be better teachers. Teachers should have the ability to understand students’ personalities and characters. Let students to express the ideas without fear of being wrong. Stop saying “you are doing that wrong” to them, but help them to gain the sense of competence, something that all enthusiastic learners share. Anyone would prefer to do any activities they’re good at and love.

There are times to observe the students, times to encourage them, times to interact with them, listen and watch, encourage and accept, inspire and assist. As teachers should be the second parents for students. Every student has the right to confide and tell their passion to teachers. And teachers should be ready to help students in any cases.

Apart from academic lessons, School should teach students how to face life. How life sometimes isn’t happy. How to get used to the reality of the world. How to speak in a good manner, how to care and love one another. Engage them in voluntary activities, investigating worthwhile topics that provide experiences that are intellectually challenging. Engage them in meaningful conversation about their activities. Make open questions and discussions. You know, school is also about building mentality and personality in someone’s childhood and teenage life.

Improve soft skill development, how to deliver their mind so others would want to hear, how to present, how to teamwork. Develop the student’s creativity, self-motivation, and innovation. When students know their passion and ambition already,the school should continue to teach them how to make profit from doing what they love. Also teach them how the tax works, how the rent works, how the bank and money works. Inevitably, whatever your professions are, you’re going to engage in these things anyway.

Last but not the least, schools should focus on the process, not the outcome. The successful dropouts were dropouts from schools, but they didn’t drop out of learning and working hard. They simply take a different route to achieve an extraordinary goal. Having a good education system would minimize the top reasons above on dropping out schools, and produce great individuals with their own unique field.

I'm an ordinary 17 girl, gonna graduate from high school this april, 2017, insha Allah. I Love reading, writing and drawing so much. My intention joining this competition isn't about winning or losing, but to tell everyone about my thoughts in education. hope it useful????

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a greater essay, it has a greate subtopic and it’s true I mean about the education system an all of that I really love it

  2. Islombek Mukhamadiev says:

    This is a very detailed, useful, and an informational peace of text which every young adult should read. Great work.

  3. Omar Haroun says:

    Yes and yes , your essay is what all of us want to do in order to make the Educational process much better and brighter.

  4. Sujeet Singh says:

    Yes as I had seen these are main problem,so nice that you have thought about that.

  5. Allen Benjamin says:

    Good thoughts . Nice work

  6. Sima hipparkar says:

    Great Job fida… Its so inspirational and motivational… You gave a gr8 track to students by this way… Awesome… Keep it up.. ?✌??:D

  7. Siti Nur Aziza says:

    This is verry good… ??????

  8. hamdi hamza says:

    best work and best topic too

  9. faisal says:


  10. Ratan Raj says:

    Really inspiring and I will do the same to become successful.
    Thanks for sharing your views .
    Ratan Raj.

  11. Fariji Stanley says:

    Yes correct

  12. Mohamud Abdiwahab says:

    Wow. Your essay is very useful and perfect. Masha Allah ??????

  13. Dennis Huang says:

    I agree with what you write.
    I have a question : Can you give me some examples of anyone who has well educated and be successful in the future?
    Thanks ?

  14. Dr.Naveedkhan says:

    good study meterial

  15. Vinu patil. says:

    These are true words about our education system.
    We should change it.
    Really good essay and you are a good writer fida????

  16. Virat singh says:

    Osm essay dear????????
    Best of luck for your competition

  17. Panchal Dhruvil says:

    It is perfectely written and inform us about every defects in education system and how to solve it .

  18. Cheetri Sagar pandey says:

    Nice and lovely easy.

  19. Ishwar says:

    Yes really that’s nice

  20. Shubham Bhaskar says:

    Well said Mufida… Your topic and it’s content seems to be a tight slap on the face of today’s education system… You are absolutely right that today everyone is judged through a paper named as marksheet… Schools fail to know about inherent abilities of students…
    By the way your writing skills and the way you presented your views is quite impressive… And the ingredients which you used as a quotation of experts makes it quite awesome and interesting to read…
    Mind blowing…?

  21. Kra says:

    Good essay.

  22. Shivam pabrekar says:

    Fida really nicely written and I admire you that you have chose this topic. I’m also one of the people who’s country education system is like this you have written in this Essay.All the best fida superb written ??

  23. Percy Ashong says:

    Wow, that’s amazing. You really explained everything to us. Good job with that. I’m really impressed.

  24. Fionna Ingrid says:

    Big applause for Mufida. Your technique in writting is amazing. You pick some quotes to decorate your essay. Unique and inspirating.

  25. Taima Zorgui says:

    The essay is good and the topic you spoke about too. We need such pple to speak about such things, I think pple should invest more on educational system more than anything else. Good job ??

  26. Aleksandra says:

    Your essay is amazing. Great written and your arguments are convincing. I 100% agree with them! I’m interested in this topic too, I think the education system has to change right away (but not in the direction my country Poland tries to do it…) Great job, wish you luck 🙂

  27. Soumya jain says:

    Nice essay☺️☺️☺️

  28. Thadeo Arlo says:

    I really like your point on why brillitant minds do not do well on standardized test because they don’t have a standard mind

  29. Agus says:

    Great essay!

  30. Usama iqbal says:

    You nailed it girl
    Great topic for discussion
    Hope your thoughts will make your future bright
    God bless you

  31. Karim Bellour says:

    Mufida, first I would to thank you for your efforts to write like this report,
    After reading your essay, I think that you touch the important points that we should to repair to have good students and good workers in the futur

  32. Karim Bellour says:

    Finally, I invite you to be our minister of education here in Algeria or to be his consellor

  33. Ashley haddad says:

    Very good!! I also agree in the part about teaching how to have a strong emotional aspect at life , now that, if you dont have it, it can result dificult to have a very good analysis to resolve problems.

  34. C. Espinoza says:

    This is actually a really good essay, people needs to understand that sometimes studies aren’t what you want to do, and respect their choice.

  35. Payel says:

    your essay does provide a better path and modification to the existing educational schedule and curriculam..looking forward for more such essays..good luck.

  36. Ratu Talita Leticia Miranti says:

    Amazing essay??

  37. Rifli Mubarak says:

    It is a one of a tremendous essay with a good brainstoming inside. I love the style how u wrote it. It opens our mind about what is happening right now.

  38. Seema Shrestha says:

    Awesome essay?

  39. Jerry says:

    You must give more detailed that could satisfy your essay. You must place your self in the real situation . Because it could help you to improve your essay in way that you should focus on your topic. You should explain clearly the introduction of your main point before you write a situation. Like us a reader just think in advance that what will be the readers question and you should answer it all and when you think its good and informative . It is time for you to post or to publish. But then again you try ?

  40. Jerry says:

    And one thing. Focus on what your topic is all about. Stick in one opinion. Dont be broad. It could not help your writing at all.

  41. Jerry says:

    It has the point, but then again its like a compilation of all the idea. The idea of someone are just only your guide at all, and your opinion should be the marjority.

  42. Nafeesah says:

    Hey Fida ! I personally really love your essay. This is the bitter truth about why the educational system is declining! I love the way you’ve written it and it is like an eye opener to make us see the issues in our educational system and also the solution how it can improve ! Keep it up 🙂

  43. Bonface Onyango says:

    Wow. so good

  44. Arrianna Mahase says:

    This was a wonderful essay that speaks to a very important factor affecting individual from a very young age. It is no lie that the education system just won’t cut it anymore. I’m happy that you share the same view as me.

  45. Shashank says:

    Amazing essay Fida.?
    Let’s talk about points from your essay, first I appreciate your idea about the age for starting the school but for keeping books like encyclopaedia etc. everywhere in the school campus, I don’t think it’s a good way. Because I think just reading books isn’t a effective or impactive ways of learning and according to the physiology the things that we can see or feel or imagine, we can understand better than reading. But other than this your points are relevant and I really admire your essay. Superb ?

  46. Qis A. says:

    Great essay. It was incredible.

  47. David says:

    This essay provides great insight on the education system and I would suggest sharing this on other platforms( if you haven’t)

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