If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.’ – Mother Theresa.

We all have had that feeling where we wanted to be all the same, no fights, no crimes, no wars, no threats and no deaths in every single day of our lives. But hold on, we’re the only reason behind this, yes. Trust me if there’s no JUSTICE there’s no PEACE. We all have to be fair, and we all have to offer the same rights for every single person in this world. Wether it’s for Women, Men, African Americans, White, Hispanic.. etc.

If we all TRULY can get the BASIC rights every human being should have, the world would be so satisfying to live in. There wouldn’t be a huge number of crimes every single day, there wouldn’t be inequality in every single country in this horrible world. There would be JUSTICE , EQUALITY AND PEACE. 

Imagine yourself waking up with a cup of tea, sitting on your comfortable couch and reading the newspaper ‘WOW!! people are getting along with each other and nobody cares about race, color, ethnicity and all that stuff they used to care about no more!!.’ Congratulations, people. What a good morning! If you sit down by yourself thinking why did you say a bad word for somebody you didn’t like and why you bullied them, what would you feel? You’ll feel guilty. Because you’re still a human being and you still have something inside you other than evil. You have something good in you. They’re inside every human being in this world, but they choose the evil everytime. Why don’t you just choose the good in you? And deal with people just like how you want to be dealt with? Wouldn’t it be nice? Wouldn’t it be wonderful ? Try it and you’ll not regret it.


It’s okay if your classmate didn’t  get the original Jordans, it’s okay if they get the fake ones. At least they’re happy with it and it makes them feel wonderful. It’s okay if your coworker is not fluent in English because he’s an immigrant and new to the United states. Because whenever you go to another country and speak another language which is not your mother language, you’ll deal with the same conflict. It’s okay if your teacher is wearing fake gucci, she’s happy with it. 

Rich or poor? We’re all going to have the same grave size.

I think we all have to mind our own business and leave people do what they want to do unless it’s hurting us or others. Understand that we are all the same and we belong to one god.

New generations are about to come to this world, personally I’m so uncomfortable raising a new generation in this horrible world where what we all care about are materials that will not even last. Stop caring about appearances and what color is the person in front of you, or where is he or she from, we all have one god and we all have the same needs, if we all get along with each other nothing bad would happen! At least, Let’s leave a good repercussion when we are no longer alive. Because WE, complete each other.

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