I am not anti-man. I am pro-women.

India is not only a country home to various traditions but also a manifestation of discriminatory attitudes. Gender inequality is a leech sucking the soul out of our country. Women have proved their mettle time and again in various male-dominated fields but the society fails to treat women and men with equality. In India, discrimination against a girl starts before she is born. People desire for a male child. According to them, a man would bring glory to the family and look after his parents when they turn old. Why? Does a girl not have the ability to glorify her family? Does she not love her parents enough to look after them when they are old? The birth of a girl child is avoided in every way possible. A girl is considered to be a burden. Female foeticide is one of these horrifying ways. Yes, a human being killed for her gender.

Malala Yousafzai has rightly said,’ One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.’  Sadly, 34.46% of the women in India are illiterate. Investing in a girl’s education is often considered worthless. As girls grow up and start developing opinions they are conveniently shamed to an extent where they desire nothing but respect and acceptance. They are told: don’t laugh loudly; don’t smile a lot; stop talking so much; don’t stay out late at night; don’t make friends with boys. Why are women asked to be careful when they have done nothing wrong? Why can’t men behave themselves and look at girls like they would look at humans rather than objects of pleasure. Even after following all of these advices a woman is not safe. While girls are not advised to wear skirts, women in burqas are raped. It is funny how people are able to judge you so quick. A girl in a short skirt at a bar has a bad character but a guy passing snide comments at a bar is a ‘cool dude’.  If a woman manages to succeed at her workplace even after all the hardships she would still be called a whore. If a man succeeds at his workplace then he is considered to be hardworking and smart. Every five minutes a woman is harassed. Every two minutes a woman is molested.

According to some people, the only purpose of a girl’s existence is marriage.  In India, no one marries a girl for her qualities. A person would marry a girl only if her father is rich enough to give the dowry he has demanded for.  It doesn’t end here. The woman would be tortured and harassed. 24,771 dowry deaths have been reported in India from 2013 to 2015. If a woman manages to survive after all of this then she falls a victim to domestic violence and spousal rape. It is a belief that women belong in the house and men outside. If a man is brave enough to take the responsibility of the household, he is not a man any more. When this lady fails to give birth to male child she is abused again. She is thrown out of her house. Only if her husband knew that it was his X chromosome which made that child a girl. Even old age does not bring bliss to a woman. There are so many cases of old women being raped.

All of this and girls are still asked to ‘sacrifice’.

The situation of women in India is changing slowly. Sex determination is a punishable offence. Girl education campaigns are at work. Men are refusing to accept dowries. Women helpline numbers have been established.

The belief that male sex is superior is a misconception which if allowed to manifest deeper would cause severe consequences. Women reading this please understand that its high time. We have to believe in ourselves. We have to teach our children, both girls and boys, that men and women are equals. None is superior to the other in any aspect. Be proud of being a woman. Only after we accept ourselves will the society accept us. Men reading this please understand that we are not here to prove who is better. Speeches and rallies won’t help. We have to let the society know that we would do whatever we like to do. No one can stop us from doing that. We don’t want sympathy. We were made different but equal. Women empowerment is not making women do the things which men do. It is creating an environment where women feel free to: have a say, make choices, take decisions, and act according to their will without fear. We must understand that God made men and women so that they could complement each other and not dominate each other. The existence of a man is meaningless without a woman and the same is true for a woman.

All we are asking from you is acknowledging the fact that we are humans too. All we ask for is freedom. All we ask for is respect. All we ask for is equality. Is that too much to ask for?

 Let revolutionaries be our inspiration!

 Let gender not be criterion for judging a person’s worth!

 Let us understand that we are here to make the world a better place!

 Let us understand that we are nothing without our counter-parts!

 Let us respect them and be brave enough to ask for the equality we deserve!

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  1. Aayushi Chaudhari says:

    This is soo perfect and to the point..????

  2. Nilesh says:

    Nice Article. Well written..

  3. Ovee karwa says:

    So rightly said! That’s the voice of every girl and woman in the country! Perfect!

    • sachin thorat says:

      It’s very true, we all should change our mind toword womens ability , they are always better than men’s. .. well thought. ..and well written article kasturi..

  4. Harsh Bhandari says:

    Really awesome!!
    Immense maturity expressed by words !!!

  5. Adi Adwani says:

    Well written article …completely echo your thoughts… Women deserve being treated equally.. It is their basic right… I guess it will take time here in India but people will eventually come to terms with the fact that Women are no lesser to Men… until then keep up the good work of creating awareness through articles like these…good on you ..good luck – adi adwani, jalgaon

  6. Sachin S. Baste says:

    hard facts written nicely !
    may these wishes comes true very soon.

  7. Dr nitinkumar Jadhav says:

    Well said
    Lets hope better tomarrow

  8. Dr.Priyanka Dani Nehete says:

    Very Nice..Your words are so pure n true..we all need to see women as human being first.I an lucky to have family who just not spoke but they gives us thought of equality by their behavior. .which deeply rooted within me n my siblings ..I think this is what we can give to our next generation as a legacy.

  9. Dr Pankaj Deore says:

    Everyone must give respect to girls not only by forwarding msgs or writhing on social media but by acceptance of equality of girls and boys.
    Nicely explained by kasturi.
    Good one
    keep it up.
    One day every indian must accept it by heart.

  10. Malika says:

    You are so nice and you wrote exactly what I expect

  11. Dr Snehal Palande says:

    Nicely described.
    But now picture is changing, many couples r happy with single child though it’s a female child. Female feotacide is usually seen in illiterate n low socio-economic group.
    It will take time to change the scenario completly.

  12. Dr Milind Ganesh Mokashi says:


  13. Ashutosh Bhat says:

    It’s really heart touching and I am so proud of you to read the same.
    keep it up beta

    Ashutosh kaka

  14. dr.dinbandhu shriram shelke says:

    स्त्रीपुरुष समानता ही फक्त भाषणात येते.सभागृहात टाळ्या मिळवून देते.पण जोपर्यंत आपण सच्चा मनापासून त्याचा स्विकार करणार नाही.तोपर्यंत सर्व व्यर्थ आहे.चला आधी आपल्या घरापासून याची सुरुवात करु या.आपल्या मुलीला कायदेशीर मार्गाने संपत्तीचा वाटा प्रदान करु या.जेवढा मुलाचा हक्क ! तेवढाच हक्क मुलीचाही !

  15. Neeta joshi says:

    Kupach Chan note aahe …kharach aaplya samajat bayakan baddhal ji vicharsarani aahe ti badalayachi garaj aahe ..ya sathi bayakanich swathala badalayachi garaj …ek mul ek teacher ni thoda farak paadel …gharala varas mhanaje mulaga hi bhavana badalayala pahije..purushanchi mentality badalayala pahije…
    Khup Chan lihile aahe ????

  16. Well done Kasturi Thorat

  17. Shilpa Kumbharde says:

    Nice article written kasturi…well done

  18. Abhijeet says:

    Nice article Kasturi. Keep the spirit up…

  19. Mr Baliram Bandu. Dabhade says:

    Its a exactly true this is voice of girls and women’s after going through your message l also felling proud that l have also one daughter keep it up beta may God bless you and help you in your future plans

  20. Dr. Avinash Pawar says:

    Really appreciated words, Kasturi. आमच्या ज्ञानदाचे नाव मोठे कर.

  21. Dr Nitin Dhanokar says:

    Nicely express the fact of equality. New generation can only change the vision of society.
    Appreciate your view kasturi.

  22. Dr Arun Bhujbal says:

    Really very nice matured write up…..keep it up. .

  23. Dr Arun Bhujbal says:

    Really very nice matured write up..keep it up

  24. Dr subhash aher says:

    Great thought , salute to ur approach towards girl and women we r really proud of u BETI.UR Loving uncle

  25. Dr. Vikas Deshmukh says:

    Really good one. This is the real fact as you’ve written. Now the mission for all of us …not to only respect n take care of girls but it’s time to educate our boys to respect every woman.

  26. Dr Milind Tandel says:

    Nice thoughts Kasturi really appreciable…..

  27. Dr Vaishali says:

    Hi, Congratulations.
    This article is very well written. Sky is the End for you little ones, just explore the Best You Have.
    I also appreciate the kind of upbringing, the boldness of thoughts, expressions that the child has expressed .

  28. Dr Milind Tandel says:

    Nice thoughts Kasturi really appreciable. ….

  29. Rajeev Dumale says:

    Well said, really it’s heart touching article

  30. SHRIDHAR suryawanshi says:

    Very true and fact of the girls in current 21st century also

  31. kiran dhoke says:

    nicely written kasturi,well done.

  32. Priti says:

    Bravo!! You have said exactly what women empowerment and gender equality is all about. It’s not anti-man but it’s pro-woman. Great article! Keep writing ????????

  33. Optimistic Indian says:

    I dont know what’s the purpose of writing this article, at this time.If its an article to publish somewhere or just an essay writing, its good.
    Nicely written. But if these are writer’s own thoughts or firm beliefs, it’s not good.it represents negativity in almost every sentence.I just want to say,why to look at the extreme negative situations always. A lot of articles have already been written many times before too.
    Think positive, be hopeful. Conditions were very worst in ancient times also but still queen of Zansi-Rani Laxmibai, Ahilyabai Holkar, Savitribai Fule made their own way.They did not just sit & said what can i do,i am a woman.
    They lead by themselves. Somebody has rightly said, ‘Be the change, you want to see in the world’ ! If we want a positive change then first we should think positive. &why to blame our country? conditions of women in developed countries are also not very good. Your country has given you everything, all possible freedom. sky it the only limit. there a lot of issues in China, Japan,France but those people never blame their country. We should solve the issues actively & practically.
    Look at the positive sides too, developments too.Lot of girls are taking good education & making a successful career.This was not there before. Just stop thinking that i am a female or someone else is a male.Shiva & Shakti both are energy forms, no one is superior or inferior. Just for the sake of balance & various objectives,they have been given different responsibilities. N strengths n weaknesses too accordingly. So each gender should respect one another, rather than just competing.as this race would never end till the end of the world.Be proud what you have got,its precious.
    If we just think, on the level of energy forms,there is no difference at all.
    as the title of this article suggests- women are human. then we should consider them as human only why separating humans into male n female.
    In today’s world, who has more qualities goes ahead.let it be a male or a female.so we should compete for qualities, for our own skill developments n for gender. n not for wearing shorts ! thats not success ,that is just an illusion of success! what to wear is everyone’s own decision & so they only are responsible for its consequences. Its ‘Karma siddhant’. Do good ,get good (results) & vise versa.
    Not all men are bad. otherwise world would not have changed this much. our father, brother, males in our families & relations always support us for the good. Nobody likes people who just ‘cry’, everyone likes people who ‘try’, let it be male or a female.I am a proud father of my daughter & will never want my daughter to look at just the one side of the coin. Look both sides. & i am proud of my wife also, as she follows all traditions happily & i have never heard crying for being a woman.
    still i would not hesitate to say sorry, if anyone did not like my thoughts, in anyway. the only purpose to write this long reply is to tell all females to think differently & positively now. I am sure it will inspire them n not depress them ,
    as i am not anti-woman ! thanks.

    • Meera patil says:

      I think what is written is reality than positive and negative. If reality is negative then acceptance of it is the first step to change.

  34. Gauri Baste says:

    Real fact of society

  35. Gomati ghate says:

    Well written dear!

  36. Prashant Deshmukh says:

    Speechless indeed

  37. Dr. Kaushalya thorat -mhaske says:

    Khupch chan manya..agdi yogy ani nemkya shabdat mandles vichar……

  38. Vaishnavi mujgule says:

    I strongly believe in what you have expressed.Really commendable article:-)

  39. Dr sonali shetye says:

    Very nice eye opener

  40. Nachiket Joshi says:

    To the point and very apt compilation of thoughts. Keep it up!!

  41. Muhammad Renaldi Pratama says:

    Great Explanation ????????????????

  42. Yoga Shri Murti says:

    Well written . Let’s be equal people . Do not under estimate of girls ability . Congrats to the writer and salute ????????

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