Women, seize the day!

Two days ago, millions of women took the United States by storm, protesting peacefully for women’s rights and the inequalities they feel they face in the United States.  Two days ago, women as a whole, not just those who walked, got criticized because of the march.  But also, two days ago, many women fought back against the protests. I am one of them. 

Let me clarify, I am a strong supporter of free speech.  I am not a supporter of making noise just to make noise.  I am a supporter of fighting for equal rights.  I am not a supporter of fighting for special treatment.  Yes, I am a woman, but no, I have not ever felt I had less of a chance to succeed than men.  You might argue that I am too privileged to know the struggle, maybe because I am white, maybe because both of my parents are still alive and happily married, or maybe because I have never gone to sleep hungry.  But I don’t see myself as privileged.  I have fought for a lot in my lifetime.  I have struggled in school and worked hard to get good grades.  I have had a bad job, and coworkers who fought to get me fired, and I have worked harder and became their boss. 

In the past, I will agree that women have had it rough.  In Jesus’ time, women were not allowed in the temple.  Women weren’t to be included in religion unless the husband included her in it.  In the 16th century, women were not going to school and were not allowed in the work force unless as a washer or spinning cloth.  In the 1800’s, women were not permitted to vote or even speak until spoken to.  Women could not even wear pants or shorts for most of history! It was strictly dresses! As a gender, women have come a long way.  Today, I am able to praise my God however I want, go to any school, learn anything that interests me, and apply for any job.  I am allowed to vote for whichever candidate I see fit, no matter what the people around me want, and do all of it wearing whatever clothing I want! 

Men have been portrayed as strong, emotionless, providers for their families.  Men have been portrayed as the superior gender throughout a lot of history.  The stigma that followed women was a lot more pathetic.  Women were displayed as being weak, emotional, worthless parts of families.  For a long time, everyone accepted these roles, however, throughout my whole life time, no one has ever tried to put me in a box, nobody has ever told me to conform to those old, outdated gender roles.

To the 5 million women who marched two days ago, I ask you this, what are you fighting for?  I understand the easy answer, “equal rights”.  But to me, that makes no sense.  What rights do you not have that a man has? If your complaint is that men statistically get paid more, why are you missing a day of work to stand on the street? Put your sign down, go back to work, and earn that raise.  Work hard and prove yourself, don’t stand outside with cleverly written signs hoping that it will earn you a raise, because it won’t.  If your complaint is that women have to pay for tampons and pads, you may not know that men pay on average 38% more on life insurance than women, men pay hundreds more on car insurance per year.  If you want equality, I am sure insurance companies would have no problem marking up your insurance rates.  Plus, men must consume 25% more calories per day than women to maintain their weight, which is the equivalent of 5 apples or 6-7 eggs.  Men are probably spending the same amount if not more money than you are spending on pads and tampons on food, and then the increased insurance on top of that. 

Life is hard. Nobody seems to have figured it out just yet.  We as a whole, men and women together should be helping each other.  Women, my challenge to you is to seize the day.  Women, seize YOUR day.  Everyone has the same window of opportunity, don’t sit idle watching men take advantage of it, and then complain.  Go out, get that raise.  Be prosperous.  Take advantage of the opportunities given to you.  I wish the best for everyone, men and women together, as equals.










I am an 18 year old finding ways to pay for college. I love life, love people, and love experiencing new things!

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  1. Deb Patane says:

    Great perspective! Very well written

  2. Karen Burchfield says:

    Very nicely said. I am impressed with you and your words. I wish you luck on your goals in life and I see a very good future ahead of you. Continue to speak your mind, do not cower from others who disagree or have a different opinion and always try your best in life.

  3. Dina Fox says:

    Excellent article!

  4. Jill Stilton says:

    Your joy as a child of our God is absolutely contagious!! Thanks for a very inspired, well written article. I know that Divine Love will meet your need to attend college, without a doubt!!

  5. Kristen says:

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  6. Jimmy says:

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