In the beginning of life, human kind lived from nature, with nature and in nature. Then, the feeling of possession, power and love of control began. So they set out some rules. In order to have, you have to give. It means, if I have a chicken I could give it to you and you could give me some fruits instead. But what if I don’t have a chicken? Someone clearly thought about this and decided to invent money.

 Now, we all know we need money right? Of course, everything is sold with money. You need money to get food, clothes, a house, a nice bath or a Jacuzzi. You need money to get married, you need money to study, and you need money to travel from a place to another. Money is a necessity. And I love money, I really do. Everyone loves to see his pocket filled with bills so he could “feel good”. Money gives you happiness. I won’t lie. You could feel happy when you have money. And “they” feel sad when they don’t.

Who are they you might ask? They the ones who don’t own a house while you cry yourself to sleep because you can’t buy a bigger one. They are the ones who can’t afford to buy clothes while you feel sad every morning because you didn’t go shopping. They are the ones who can’t eat clean food while you throw the rest of yours away. They are the ones who don’t even have a shower to clean up and they don’t know that Jacuzzis exist. Yes, they are poor people. They suffer everyday from hunger. They die every day from sickness. Yes, they do exist and I know that you know well that they exist. But that’s the big problem. We all know it yet we are not doing anything about it.

Have you ever asked yourself why do we need money? Why does everything have to be bought for a price? Why can’t we all live equally? Why should be people taking the world’s most expensive selfie while others are living in the world’s most dangerous edifice. I mean our nature is so generous, it could provide food and houses for everyone. Yet, poverty exists.

Poverty is related to many causes. Mostly political and economical. Someone -let’s call him Jim- clearly decided that in order to be successful you need to make some people poor. And everyone followed Jim. Jim made poverty the solution for success and it was the shortest road to be rich. Jim is a control freak, egoist, his religion is money and his language is cash. So, what should we do then to put Jim down and solve one of the biggest problems on earth?

Let’s start with having a small feeling called humanity. I know it is rare these days and few are left with it. Unfortunately, it is the foundation of a better world. This feeling consists of thinking about others. Always. Thinking about them when you’re eating, think of their empty stomachs and share with them some food whenever you have the chance to. Think about them when you’re buying clothes, think about how their small bodies are dying of cold during winter and how their fragile skin is getting burned because of the heat of the sun during summer. Think about them before you lay your head on your comfy pillow and warm bed. Before you fall asleep, imagine them sleeping on dirt or a cold surface, maybe with ripped covers and maybe naked, with no covers at all.

Now, that you feel so guilty, maybe feeling that you programmed your life to take without giving. You could solve this problem. No, we could! Humanity cannot pay off when feeling it alone. Humanity is working together against anything causing harm to our world. Don’t ask me what you should do. I am not going to tell you that you should donate, start campaigns etc… No , I won’t because you already know it , you learned it at school , you hear about in social media, you talk about it and you want to do it but you’re too lazy , too afraid , saying you don’t have what it needs to start moving , while you do !  convincing yourself that it’s hard. While you can! And I deeply hope that you will after reading this. And remember , It doesn’t matter for what reason you are doing it , what matters is the result , and the one and only result should be NO POVERTY.

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  1. ahmad says:

    You amaze me how you can put so much meanings in limited sentences !
    It was so clear to see what you really meant , keep the good work , i love your writing.

  2. yosrmansouri123 says:

    So good ????

  3. ahmed akrimi says:

    Amazing choice or expressions and words , really touched my heart !
    It’s a short essay yet it succeeded in giving me a glance on what you truly meant

  4. khalil Belhoidi says:

    Very good writing <3 from K.B

  5. khalil Belhoidi says:

    It’s just amazing .. Very good writing <3 from K.B

  6. Carlos Santos says:

    Good article! Amazing ????

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